Captured Curiosities #1

Most of you already know that forsythia blooms in April, sending out bright yellow flowered spikes, then the green leaves turn red in fall. Ours have several yellow blooms now which contrast nicely with the purple-red leaves. Odd, but lovely, I think.

I still seem to be having a hard time expressing myself these days—not because my head is empty, but because it is too full!  But better a full head than an empty one, I suppose. 🙂

Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy the sights here at the Doublewide Ranch.  Even when I feel flattened by my own crazy thought train, I am always mindful of the loveliness of the changing seasons and the beauty of the peculiar.  By peculiar, I mean our extended warm weather, which means that zinnias, cosmos, and cleome are still blooming and that we even had fresh summer squash this week.  And snow peas!  All quite strange in almost-November, but all quite welcome just the same.  And, of course, subject to change (since I first wrote this) as it did this very morning with the coming of snow.

So I thought it’d be fun to have a new feature called “Captured Curiosities” where I share with you the things I see that might be slightly out of the norm.  No aliens, Bigfoot, or even zombies here (though if I happen to encounter them, I’ll be sure to get a shot)—just the things that surprise me and make my eyes widen in amazement or delight.

These are snowpea blossoms—we just had snowpeas for supper two nights ago. Very appropriate to show SNOWpeas because…

…alas, snow this morning shall put an end to the bright flowers and fresh vegetables in the photos above (taken only days ago). But, of course, the snow is lovely in its own cold and crystalline way.


17 Responses to “Captured Curiosities #1”

  1. darladiane Says:

    These are exquisite captures … wow. The yellow contrasting with purple, the sun shining through the cosmos (one of my all time favorite flowers — they’re just so wild and happy, aren’t they!?), and the cold snow upon the warm blossoms.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Ah, you beat me to it because I was going to say that my guess would be episode #2 of Captured Curiosities would include some snow pictures. Don’t know exactly where you are, but my guess is you are digging out. Stay safe!! If hubs had been retired, we’d have stayed snuggled up in Maggie Valley this week, but alas, he had to get back to work and somehow watching it snow in a cabin by myself wasn’t quite as alluring as snuggled up with him!! So we came home Sunday instead of Monday morning – seems we barely escaped!

  3. Plowing Through Life (Martha) Says:

    Wow, beautiful images, Beth! I especially love the pink flowers with the butterfly. I can’t believe you have snow! It didn’t come our way despite the threat of it because of hurricane Sandy. We did get high winds and some rain, but it turned out a lot better than we hoped for. Incredibly enough, there are a handful of perennials that are still filled with flowers, and I have three geraniums in the ground that are blooming away as if it’s spring. No complaints from me. I hope they last awhile.

    “Captured Curiosities” sounds like fun! I’m looking forward to some of the things you’ll share.

  4. Betsy Adams Says:

    We had a couple of Curiosities this fall here also… First we saw one of our Azaleas (which bloom in spring) BLOOMING NOW…. Crazy!!!! AND—in the backyard, one of our Rhododendron blooms (which also bloom in Spring) is blooming now also….. CRAZY year, we have had.

    Hope you don’t get too much snow–but just enough to enjoy!!!!!! Welcome to WINTER…. We are cold, cloudy and WINDY here –but no snow nor rain…


  5. CountryDew Says:

    Beautiful shots, Beth. We’ve had a very strange year in the weather. Thank you so much for sharing these.

  6. Bonnie Jacobs Says:

    Your photographs are always so beautiful. You warm my heart with pictures full of color and life. Thank you, Beth.

  7. eemilla Says:

    I love the butterfly and the snowy flower shots. Yum! snow peas are great.

  8. Ariel Says:

    The forsythia colors are so lovely! And I feel like a fairy looking from underneath the cosmos in that second photo.

  9. Jayne Says:

    The curiosity I have is the now budding, ready to bloom Camelia in the side bed. Why on earth do they bloom this time of year??? Snow! Too early, but still pretty! :c)

  10. Bikbik & Roro Says:

    O, beautiful, beautiful. I’m so appreciating seeing everyone’s gorgeous nature captures — I’ve been keeping my curtains drawn since they cut down the trees!

  11. Vicki Lane Says:

    Pretty! Love the autumn/spring look of the forsythia.

  12. Ana Says:

    The butterfly image is beautiful. I keep missing your posts…:(

  13. Benjamin Says:

    The third image surprises me most–just that such a little bug can have such intricate details on its wing, like a miniature of the magnificent Monarch or Fritillary.

  14. Ana Says:

    Beth it is so good to know you are around… You are a blessing in the world.

  15. Bikbik & Roro Says:

    O, so lovely to be looking at these again. I shall write to you soon, dear Beth. In the meantime, here’s wishing you a joyful, blessed Christmas season *hugs*

  16. Ana Says:

    Happy New Year!!!!

  17. Ana Says:

    Beth, I just hope your 2013 is an amazing one 🙂

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