(18) Thirty Days of Grateful Praise: Our view

We’ve had autumn, spring, and summer rainbows aplenty. I don’t recall any winter ones, though. We can often see the entire rainbow arc.

When we bought the Doublewide Ranch, I asked the folks we bought it from if they’d miss the view.   “Oh no…not at all,” they said. “Sometimes you just get tired of seeing the same old thing every morning.”

I was astonished.  The view is the reason we bought the place (and paid way too much for it).   Our doublewide sits atop a small hill where we can see, not only the skyline of Asheville ten miles away, but much of the surrounding valley, as well as the tall mountain ridges that rise up from the valley in the distance.  Not to mention the vast, endless expanse of sky.  I have to laugh remembering what she said about “seeing the same old thing” because even though we do see the same mountains and the same valley and the same trees, it is never the “same old thing.”   Even now, in just the last five minutes, as thunderclouds moved in from the northwest, the sky has gone from bright blue to blackish-grey and the mountains are partially obscured by what appears to be a rainstorm about ten miles east.  The colors of the hills, the trees, and the grassy valleys are ever-changing with the seasons, and even the skyline of Asheville is transformed as more high rises are constructed.

Sometimes, I’ll lie awake worrying about this and that, occasionally even thinking of how we spent our nest egg on this place shortly before the economy went bust, and now we’ll never get it back. As it is for so many families, our place is now worth much less than we paid for it.  But at first light, as I stand on the porch seeing Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man off to work (as I do every morning), I am amazed anew at the vista of mountains, fields, trees, and sky before me.  I still sometimes can hardly believe that I get to wake up to this every single day.

Sure, in some ways it IS the same thing every day.  But it’s wonderful to depend on those mountains, those hills, and those trees (for the most part) being there every day.   Really, though, it’s never the same because nature’s many-hued palette changes from hour to hour, from day to day, from season to season.  I am grateful for the ways in which our view never changes, and I am grateful for the ways in which it does.  I’ll never, ever take it for granted.  And I’ll never, ever get tired of it.

I watch the sun rise over the mountains almost every morning.

Sometimes, when the mist is thick, the mountains look like islands in the sea of fog. Here, the fog shines with an almost holy glow.

Full moon sky

In winter, after the rain

Asheville from our porch–late afternoon

From our porch…in summer


11 Responses to “(18) Thirty Days of Grateful Praise: Our view”

  1. Jes Says:

    It’d be **impossible** to tire of that view! Even now, driving around Roanoke, I get giddy looking at the mountains. So glad that we, too, have a view, even in the urban house. Your pictures are just stunning of the mountains, love them!

  2. Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness, how could anyone grow tired of that view. It is simply amazing. I know these mountains so well, if you keep posting pics, I’m going to be able to figure out where you are!! As the crow flies, we aren’t all that far apart!

  3. CountryDew Says:

    I certainly understand that. I live in the same type of place. I never tire of the mountains and the changing sky.

  4. Darla Says:

    A precious gift of a view … and an equally precious gift are *you* for seeing the wonder and diversity in the “same old thing”. :-))))

  5. betsyfromtennessee Says:

    Oh My Heart…. I’d give almost anything for some land (privacy) and a view like that… You are so fortunate to have that view… I’m totally envious!!!!!! Glad you spent the extra bucks to get it….

    I love the mountains —and your view is the BEST.
    P.S. what is your elevation there????

  6. Plowing Through Life (Martha) Says:

    Absolutely stunning, Beth! I could never get tired of that view. I would see it differently every time I looked, all depending on the time of day, the season, what I’m feeling and what’s going on in my life at the moment, and even what I’m pondering. You are truly blessed to live in such a place.

  7. Bikbik & Roro Says:

    HOW could anyone ever get tired of such beauty and splendour? Nature that must be almost as it was in Eden. It is a crime, a sin even, to think of high rises ever touching any of this. When you hear things like “you just get tired of seeing the same old thing every morning”, you realise that more and more, there are people whose hearts have just become calloused and indifferent. You are indeed blessed to have these breathtaking, ever-changing views, Beth 🙂

  8. natureintheburbs Says:

    Beautiful shots!

  9. Bonnie Jacobs Says:

    Hmm, I seem to have forgotten to comment here. I didn’t realize you were that close to Asheville. My friends Dale and Kaki and their son live in Asheville. Dale and I were in college at the same time, even though he is considerably younger than I am. Kaki’s folks don’t live too far from me, but when they visit here, they are usually visiting their families. Before I retired, I went to Lake Junaluska near Waynesville for our annual conference, and we’d try to get together that week, if our schedules allowed. I can’t afford the trip now, though. The churches send their pastor and a lay delegate, and I no longer serve a church.

  10. Benjamin Says:

    I could stand to appreciate the sky a little bit more, as you know. I kind of think it’s the same old thing a lot, but you showed me here just how much you can see!

  11. Chris Says:

    I’ve lived in this beautiful place for 17 years now and have never gotten tired of the view, don’t think I ever will. Love your photos.

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