(5) Thirty Days of Grateful Praise: Morning Glories

Okay, so I DID write this cautionary tale almost three years ago: A Morning Glory Warning Story.  And I still advise you, should you decide to plant them, to be ever vigilant for their tendency to get, well…a little out of hand. Nonetheless, I still adore, with all my heart, the magical morning glory.  Even the name is poetic and beautiful. Clearly, whoever named it must have loved it as much as I do.

I love everything about them—their heart-shaped leaves, their rich rainbow of colors, the way the vine reaches out and twines around whatever it can find, the way they re-seed so generously,  and, most of all, the way they seem to be illuminated from within. Radiant.  They are lovely little vessels of light.

Vessels of light. That’s a prayer I often pray—to be a vessel of the light of God.  To be filled with and reflect back His glory. I often fall short, but the morning glory doesn’t.  I am infinitely grateful for them.

9 Responses to “(5) Thirty Days of Grateful Praise: Morning Glories”

  1. betsyfromtennessee Says:

    Perfect, Beth… There’s just nothing more beautiful than seeing a gorgeous flower. Your Morning Glories remind me a little of my Pansies… They almost smile at us, don’t they???? So pretty…

    Today is a better day here. Worked outside alot raking and picking up twigs and sticks in our yard… We were lucky that the storm didn’t cause much more damage… I am definitely thankful for that.


  2. Plowing Through Life (Martha) Says:

    Oh, yes! Morning glories are definitely something to be grateful for. I adore them…even if they do get out of hand. I remember the warning post you wrote about them; it was so funny 🙂

  3. Bonnie Jacobs Says:

    I too remember your Morning Glory Warning Story. As a matter of fact, I was so taken with it that I shared it with my Facebook friends and commented on it three times! I guess by now you know how much I like both your writing and your photography, and I’m very grateful to be reading your posts. Love ya, my friend!

  4. Ana Says:

    they are so beautiful. The colors so bright…

  5. Darla Says:

    Love this “They are lovely little vessels of light.” I had not read your warning story, as we hadn’t met yet, so popped right over…OMG! LOL Beautiful narrative … I was thinking as I read it that it would make a delightful illustrated children’s story … have you and Ariel ever thought of combining your talents that way? Oh, and I totally loved her painting of the city-scape with the naked trees and their roots — I’ve a major passion for roots and naked trees, there’s something so visceral and exposed within the imagery, revealing everything including the shadowy crevices…

  6. Rider Says:

    Morning glories are “bright” and “beautiful,” as Ana commented.

    They’re “magical,” “poetic,” come in “rich rainbow colors,” appear “illuminated from within,” and may be called “little vessels of light,” as you wrote in your posting, Ms. Blue.

    I love them, too.

  7. Nancy Says:

    I so love your Morning Glory photos, Beth! Missed you. Glad you’re back!

  8. Debi Kelly Van Cleave Says:

    When I was a little girl, we stayed overnight at my parents’ friend’s house. In the morning, I looked out the window and saw morning glories. Later, they were gone. The next morning they were back again. I thought it was magic!

  9. birdsandbenjamin Says:

    I’m glad I succeeded in leaving some of them alone in my weed whacking. I like how they and the Petunias look so much the same.

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