We Dig This Carrot!


(A happy little carrot)

Gather ‘round, folks. It’s time for the semi-annual posting of googly-eyed produce on Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl. Yes, it true—with all the lofty talk in my last post about the importance of writing about “truth” and other high-minded things, I’m posting a picture of an anthropomorphized root vegetable.

I just couldn’t resist when Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man dug up this rabbit-shaped carrot in our garden. “The potatoes have eyes,” the carrot said. “Why can’t I?”

So I gave him some. As you know, we are easily amused here at the Doublewide Ranch. Hope you are, too. Because, in my humble opinion, the world needs more pictures of googly-eyed vegetables. If for no other reason—that it makes us laugh. Well, at least it makes ME laugh.

And while my little carrot may not speak of truth, there is a certain beauty and purity, I think, in finding yourself unabashedly giggling like a silly, gleeful six-year-old.

I hope your Thanksgiving table is surrounded by those you love and plenty of hearty laughs, if not silly giggles. Ours will be, for sure, as we eat all the usual Thanksgiving fare—turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and…well…maybe some good ol’ root vegetables. Carrots, sautéed in butter, to be exact. Without the googly eyes, of course.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

(One of these things is not like the other…)

12 Responses to “We Dig This Carrot!”

  1. Martha Says:

    Bahahaha… I just love your sense of humour, Beth. And I totally get it! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family from your northern friend 🙂

  2. Sharon Says:

    Your carrot can only be described as winsome. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Beth. You are certainly high on my list of people to be thankful for.

  3. The Southern Lady Says:

    I am thankful for you, too, Beth and for your friendship. You really brought a big smile to my face this late night. I wish you and your family a wonderful, giggly, happy Thanksgiving!

  4. betsyfromtennessee Says:

    Oh Beth…. I love that carrot… It is very unique!!!!!!!! Glad it was born into your family!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you… Hope you have a great day/week.. After tomorrow, I’m taking some time off from blogging.

    God Bless You.

  5. Jayne Says:

    LOLOL…. I am seriously digging him Beth! Love his little “nose” and “mouth” too! A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours my friend. xoxo

  6. wesley Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear Beth. I hope you get the chance to spend it with your lovely family, and in the great outdoors you love.

  7. clairz Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Beth, to you and all your wonderful family. I’m so glad to be able to pop over here to your blog a little more often!

  8. sweetflutterbys3 Says:

    Lol- that is cute!

    Happy Thanksgviing to you and your family!

  9. Ariel Says:

    Why, that is the cutest little tuber I’ve ever seen.

  10. Jeff Says:

    Oh, my goodness, Beth! You are so funny! I hope your carrot crop this year is much tastier than the one last year! Did you eat some of your pear butter? Sounds so yummy!

  11. Vicki Lane Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my place, Beth! I’ve enjoyed a look round yours (Oh, that butterfly on the cone flower!) We had a great goldfish-shaped potato but alas, no googly eyes! Next year…

  12. Debi Says:

    You’re posting again! I’ve missed it.

    The potatoes have eyes–why can’t I? Beth, you’re too funny. Thanks. Because I was thinking of something sad. And now I chuckled.

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