Hank and Homer Have a Snow Day

(For those that are new to my blog (and are thinking “Why is a 52-year-old-woman playing with stuffed animals?”), you can find the story of Hank and Homer here.)

It’s been a while since you heard from your old friends Hank and Homer, so perhaps you’ve wondered what they were up to. As you know, they love the outdoors, but it’s been a bit cold out for a couple of little fellas like them, so they’ve spent a lot of time snuggled up in the house with their other invertebrate friends (known to the unenlightened as “stuffed” animals).

Although we vertebrates have grown a bit weary of endless snow, there’s nothing Hank and Homer love more than a good ole Snow Day. As soon as the first flakes start falling, Hank and Homer are ready to go!

And so it was last week, when we had several inches of the white stuff. At first, it was falling so hard that they just watched happily from the window. But after it finally stopped, Homer put on his cap and the new matching sweater he got for Christmas. As you know, he’s a bit sensitive about his unfortunate resemblance to Homer Simpson, so he wears his cap and new sweater a lot since they make him look less like that other Homer. He especially loves the fact that his cap and sweater were made from a sock, just like he was!

So after Homer put on his new made-from-a-sock clothes, Hank decided that since he was made from a glove that he should wear a glove hat! So he found a glove in the drawer and put it on. Homer thought Hank looked very much like a chicken with his glove hat and began to make clucking noises. Hank began to cluck, too and to flap his arms about like wings. They got sillier and sillier and louder and louder, but then realized that the snow was melting!

Hank didn’t want to look like a chicken so he took off his glove hat and out they both went. But Hank still felt sad and a little jealous that Homer had such handsome warm clothes and he didn’t.

First up—sledding. They found a shiny bowl in the kitchen cabinet that made a very fine sled. Wheeee…down they slid lickety split! Hank felt a little bit scared but he just held on to his friend Homer and whooped and hollered just like Homer did.

Pretty soon, Big Mama needed the shiny bowl to mix cookies in, so Hank and Homer decided to make snow angels instead. Poor Hank found it hard to make snow angels with his short little legs, so Homer made all his angels for him and pretty soon the yard was full of snow angels. Hank sighed with pleasure, imagining all those snow angels suddenly taking flight. How beautiful that would be! He stood there for a while dreamily pondering that, but was snapped out of his reverie when Homer threw a snowball at him. Thwack! Hank laughed but he really didn’t like playing Snowball Fight. It stung and he was wet and cold and still feeling a little scared from the sledding.

So Hank took the snowball he’d made and started making a snowman. Homer came over to help. Big Mama had given Hank a carrot to use for the snowman’s nose, but Hank put it in the snowman’s hand instead.

“Umm…Hank?” said Homer. “Isn’t the carrot for his nose?”

Hank looked at Homer and rolled his eyes. (Or at least, he rolled them as well as one can roll button eyes).

“Golly, Homer…who would want a carrot for a nose?? This way,” said Hank, “the snowman can feed the carrot to the animals who might be hungry in all this snow!” Then he put a hat on the snowman and wrapped a red scarf around him.

Homer smiled. Sometimes Hank was a little silly, but that was one of the things Homer loved most about him. It was then that Homer realized that Hank was shivering and his black fur was all wet. Homer looked down at his own brand new Christmas sweater, and suddenly knew what he had to do.  It made him sad to see his best friend cold.

So he took off his new sweater and the matching knit cap and put them on his friend Hank.  Hank was thrilled with his warm new clothes.

But then, Hank looked at Homer standing beside the snowman and saw that Homer looked…well… a little naked. And a little cold. And it hit him: That snowman doesn’t need a scarf and hat! Snowmen like being cold so it seems pretty silly, really, to put warm clothes on them!

So Hank unwound the scarf from the snowman’s neck and wrapped it tenderly around his friend Homer. Then he took the hat from the snowman’s head and put it on Homer’s. It gave Homer a jaunty look, and he didn’t look quite so much like Homer Simpson.  Of course, now the snowman looked naked, but at least he wouldn’t melt so fast with those warm clothes off!

Then they heard Big Mama calling from the porch that the cookies were ready. Cookies! Hank and Homer thought that those (and hot chocolate) were the best part of Snow Days. So they went in and ate cookies and drank hot chocolate until they were…well…stuffed. Then it was time for a nap. Hank was warm and cozy in his new sweater and as he snuggled up to Homer, he decided that the best thing about Snow Days wasn’t the sledding or the snow angels or the snowman or even the cookies. No.  The best part was snuggling up with your best friend and knowing that you are safe and cherished and warm and loved. Nothing (not even cookies) was better than that.

16 Responses to “Hank and Homer Have a Snow Day”

  1. Jayne Says:

    Oh, I love reading about their dear friendship, and am glad to see that they got to enjoy the snow! ;c)

  2. Bonnie Jacobs Says:

    You are so clever! You really should see about getting these guys into some children’s books. If you don’t want to find a publisher, you could make a book like Susan’s — she wrote about it yesterday, here:

  3. CountryDew Says:

    That was a fun read. Very sweet, too! It really does read like a nice little children’s book.

  4. Sharon Says:

    Hurray!! Hank & Homer, how I’ve missed you! It was just wonderful to read about your snow adventure, and the friendship you have with each other. I hope I can be your friend, too.

  5. Sweetflutterbys3 Says:

    Those two really get to have the adventures, don’t they?! That story would make a terrific cartoon for kids like on Nick, Jr or Sprout. I know my son would love it!

  6. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Fun! Love the photo of the friends “sledding”.

  7. Martha Says:

    Har har har…so funny. And so absolutely adorable! Nothing like having such a close and cherished friend 🙂 This would be a wonderful series for children.

  8. southernlady64 Says:

    I love Hank and Homer stories. I am getting close to bedtime and I feel just like I had my bedtime story! I love the part where they ate cookies till they were “stuffed”. I will have to print these for Tater and read them to him. He would love them. You are such a good writer of anything! Glad to hear Hank and Homer are alive and well in your part of the country.

  9. Betsy from Tennessee Says:

    Cute Beth…. I always love your Homer and Hank stories…. Maybe they made you smile a little also—even though it snowed AGAIN at your house. Love the snow angel!!!!! Cute!

    We had a wonderful Birthday celebration and got home today!!! I’ll post a blog tomorrow morning.

  10. june Says:

    So, so clever and creative you are!

    You really must have chuckled when you saw that car commercial with the stuffed dolls…I especially love it when one of them gets a tatoo…stitched on, of course!

  11. Jeff Says:

    Oh, so funny! There is more than one way to deal with snow blues, huh? Take heart, it is warming up – not much snow predicted in the next few weeks. Why, pretty soon, you’ll be out there in the garden planting veggies for Hank and Homer to help you harvest!

  12. Benjamin Says:

    Thank you–that was great! Especially:

    “Of course, now the snowman looked naked, but at least he wouldn’t melt so fast with those warm clothes off!”

  13. clairz Says:

    What dear little people they are. Keep on playing and writing, Beth!

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  15. colleen Says:

    You got a children’s book here, like Frog and Toad!

  16. Ariel Says:

    Hank and Homer, that is the best snowman I have ever seen. And you two are the sweetest animals ever.

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