Wishful, Wistful Thoughts of Spring

So.  Which one of these hydrangea pictures would YOU rather look at?  The one above? Or the one below?

Yeah. Me too. 🙂

After I took the photo on top last week, I remembered that I’d photographed the same hydrangea last summer.  So I went back to find it and ended up wandering about my computer, looking longingly at my pictures from last summer and spring.  Sometimes, when the world outside your window is gray and brown, it’s hard to remember that under that winter-hard earth and in those fat buds on the bare trees new life stirs, waiting for the right time to burst forth in its hallelujah glory, when we all emerge from our homes, blinking in the bright spring sun, amazed anew at the miracle of life after death.   

Even though we had a small taste of spring over the weekend, snow is expected again tomorrow (and beyond).  So I thought I’d post some shots from last summer of a few of the plants here at the Doublewide Ranch to help us all remember that Spring will indeed come again.  And soon!  I’m still very much a rank amateur when it come to gardening, but I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done here outside  (on a tight budget) to add a bit of color to our lives.  When we moved here, there was pretty much almost no landscape at all, save a couple of scraggly lilacs and rose bushes.  There was nothing growing around the doublewide itself in the awful baked clay soil but grass and weeds that came right up to the foundation  It was not a pretty sight.  Not a pretty site at all. 

But now, two years later, we are looking forward to a riot of color come March, starting when the peach tree blossoms and ending when the asters bloom in November.  I spent far more time and money on our landscape (even, I must confess, our grocery money sometimes!) than I should have, but as you know, man (and woman!) doesn’t live by bread alone.

So here’s a few shots of our flowers that I’ve never posted before just in case you need a flower fix like I do.    Should you need more (perhaps a butterfly fix or a honeybee fix?),  feel free to click on Little Signs of Spring under  Categories in my sidebar.  Or Nature maybe. 

And never fear…the days of sweet hallelujah glory will soon be here.  Hold on.  Have faith.  Life is stirring. 🙂

Here’s some yarrow I planted near our front door.  I love yarrow—all the lovely colors it blooms in, its toughness, and its delicate ferny foliage.   

The view from our front yard looking up to the porch. As you can see, I’m not a very tidy gardener.  The fancy garden magazines might call this “The English Cottage garden” look.  I think I’ll call it that, too. Sounds so much better than “garden run amok.” 🙂 The petunias, in the porch flower boxes we installed, self-sowed last year.  I’m hoping for the same this year. 

This is a picture of the bee balm from the shot above it taken from the porch looking down.  I love bee balm even more than yarrow.   And so do the bees, the butterflies, and hummingbirds.

There’s beauty even in our vegetable garden.  Last summer, every time I went out to pick our supper for the evening, I could hear a constant buzzing hum from the squash blossoms, always full of drowsy honeybees.  I say “drowsy” because although I’d bumble right through the squash, brushing past the blossoms, the honeybees seemed undeterred (and unperturbed).  They probably liked hanging out with the squash blossom fairies. 🙂


16 Responses to “Wishful, Wistful Thoughts of Spring”

  1. Sharon Says:

    My very favorite kind of garden. It’s absolutely beautiful and I am wild with jealousy! And look at that porch where you can sit and eat moonpies and look at the view!

  2. eemilla Says:

    English cottage gardens are the best because the riot of flowers makes it harder for the weeds to thrive, right? Your porch garden creates such a cozy and inviting look. I love winter, but the warmth this weekend left me craving fresh arugula, basil, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, and sandals.

  3. betsyfromtennessee Says:

    Hi Beth, I hope the next snow misses you. We aren’t supposed to get any here in Arkansas —or at home in Tennessee. SO—hopefully, you won’t get much. It’s been a long winter.

    Love your ‘cottage’ flower garden… It’s my favorite kind of flower garden. SO—pretty…. Hopefully, in a few months, your home will look like that again.

    We’re having a wonderful time in Arkansas… Taking TONS of pictures…


  4. Jes Says:

    Beautiful photos! I’m hoping/dreaming/praying that it doesn’t snow tomorrow, but that’s just me. I also never realized how gorgeous the flowers of bee balm are–I’m going to have to plant some this year! Hope you stay warm and dry this week!

  5. Jayne Says:

    Oh Beth… it’s gorgeous!! And I love the phrase “hallelujah glory” for that is exactly how it feels once everything comes to life again. Sigh…. oh the beauty that awaits us! I can’t wait!

  6. colleen Says:

    Everything looks so sad and dirty right now. I just took a photo of some dead tulips that Joe gave me for Valentine’s Day and that I threw on the snow. I think of the photo should be called Winter’s Divorce.

    Thanks for the reminders.

  7. Judy Says:

    Oh my, Beth! Your flowers are just beautiful. No wonder you like sitting on that porch in summer with a good book. Looks just like my kind of place. It is snowing here today. Just showers though. So, maybe, spring is right around the corner and I can’t wait. Thanks for the beautiful photos. I am sitting here now day dreaming of summer!

  8. Di Says:

    Thanks for the flowers! I think we can all use a few of those. This has been such a hard winter for most of us. Sleet falling from our sky here in Roanoke today, so damp, so cold. Spring, where for art thou?

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  9. Martha Says:

    Beth, this is exactly what I needed today; beautiful reminders of the spring that’s on its way. We’ve had snow almost every day this week, and we’ll have for a few days more. The temperature is quite warm, and most of it melts, but still. It’s the end of February and I’ve had just about enough of winter.

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures. They are food for the spring-craving soul. And you are right, there is life waiting to spring forward…very soon. Can’t wait! 🙂

  10. Shannon Says:

    Luv it! Petunias and Morning Glory seem to be ones that I keep coming back to year after year. I think my fav flower is the daffodil because it means that Spring is stirring. Soon!!!

  11. wesley Says:

    I so very much needed that–your beautiful words and photos and flowers and spirit.
    Thank you!
    I’ve been sick and under piles of work lately and not around the blogosphere (or keeping up with friends). So sorry to be out of touch. I’m fighting my way to the top (and feeling better, finally).
    Your post helps!

  12. Benjamin Says:

    I like the photo up top, too–with the snow on it. I love you and can’t wait to see you, Mommy!

  13. CountryDew Says:

    These are great! Very cheering and this has been a day for needing cheer.

  14. clara Melvin Says:

    Bring it on….summer….aahhhhh sweet summer.

  15. Sweetflutterbys3 Says:

    Oh my, I forgot the beauty of the colors with all this white stuff being here so long! I’m not a big spring person, but I have to admit the colors really are breathtaking!

  16. Jeff Says:

    Squash blossom fairies! How wonderful! And, “not a pretty site at all” …. sigh. You’re something else, Beth! Not many people would think to contrast site and sight. Do let us know about your garden this year. What are you going to plant besides squash and carrots? Did you know that carrots are native to Afghanistan? Neither did I until I read it recently. You will share with us pictures of your garden, won’t you?

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