278 Inadequate Words and 11 Sort-of-Adequate Photographs

I cringe when I think of all the times on this blog that I’ve said something about words being inadequate to express the inexpressible, but I then proceed to ramble on anyway with about two or three hundred more inadequate words.

We might not always have the words to express the holy or the transcendent or the profound, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. I find it poignant, really, that we have such an urgency, like eager children, to share with others the things that move us, in hopes that they too can know at least a small measure of the awe and wonder we felt. There is a beauty in that, even when the words are not especially articulate.

That’s why I love music so. For me, it can express the inexpressible like nothing else. It can articulate my deepest sorrow, my greatest joy. It is my prayer when I cannot pray with words. As Heinrich Heine said, “When words leave off, music begins.”

I love, too, that I can take pictures with my point-and-shoot and (thanks to the wonders of the digital age) show you within minutes the wondrous sight that I have just beheld without having to come up with words that seldom come close to doing it justice.

So, having said all that, here are some pictures I took around the Doublewide Ranch—all of them in just the past week or so. Yes, it’s true—here it is December in the Appalachians, and we have roses budding and bees buzzing and daisies reaching for the sky. But, of course, you can see that yourself from the pictures, so why am I still blathering on? 🙂

24 Responses to “278 Inadequate Words and 11 Sort-of-Adequate Photographs”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I was thinking exactly, exactly the same thing about music, just yesterday. About how it “expresses the inexpressible” and is a prayer. Absolutely. Thank you for showing us Heaven through your photos, too!

  2. june Says:

    So very beautiful Beth!

  3. Jeff Says:

    I don’t know how you do it – I should come take lessons from you! If I tried to shoot those asters against the sun, they would have come out black. Photography is not my strong suite… wonderful shots, as usual!!

  4. Ariel Says:

    These photos are stunning. They show not only your ability to see the minute beauties of the world, but your talent in capturing them on camera. You show macroscopic divinity in microscopic minutiae.

  5. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Oh, my friend, your words, and pictures, are so lovely, always. Although I never would agree that your words are inadequate (as you express yourself so beautifully), I do so understand the frustrations inherent in trying to describe in words–and even photos–the beauty of this world. You come pretty damn close, I must say.

    I love, of course, the daisies against the sky.

    And Ariel running, and the barn as the storm fades.

    And your vision of the world.

  6. Jayne Says:

    I love this Beth… and I love all the images you share as they take us into the intimacy of your life there… it’s all so very beautiful.

  7. Martha Says:

    Oh, I don’t know about your words being inadequate. Your writing style is so full of life, and very captivating. And your photos? they are simply stunning. I especially like the one with Arial running. And the one with the bluebird fluffing its feathers. And the bee with the daisies. And the geese with the sunrise. And the one with the goldfinch. And, and, and… I guess I like all of them! 🙂 It’s hard to choose when they’re all so beautiful.

    You are just as great a photographer as you are a writer…

  8. Judy Says:

    Like the others, I don’t think anyone would think your words were ever inadequate and your photos are always wonderful. I love that bluebird. It makes me think of spring instead of winter. All these photos look like spring. It is getting colder here every day. All one has to do it look at your photos and read your words to know how close you are to nature and the world that surrounds you. I love looking at things through your eyes.

  9. clairz Says:

    I love this post, and I love Ariel’s comment, too–“macroscopic divinity in microscopic minutiae,” indeed! Like mother, like daughter, you are both such a treat.

  10. Sweetflutterbys3 Says:

    Very well said. I found myself very moved by your words.

    You are a very talented photographer. Have you ever thought of putting all your pictures in a book? I’d love a copy!!

  11. CountryDew Says:

    Those are wonderful photos. The closeups of the birds are very good.

  12. Jes Says:

    Your photographs are, as everyone else has said, amazing. As a poet I always grapple with the things I can’t adequately say, but I think the beauty in language is the attempt.

  13. Betsy from Tennessee Says:

    Hi Beth, I’m glad I didn’t miss this wonderful post. I love seeing your gorgeous pictures —and hearing your VERY adequate words…

    Love the pictures with the bluebird and nuthatch. Such cute little birds. AND those sky ones are GREAT…

    Thanks so much!!!!

  14. eemilla Says:

    I adore the daisy photo with the sun, but I also really like the fog blanket and the bee on the orange flower. However, the red barn against the darkened sky is one of my favorite juxtapositions. Your words aren’t inadequate to me; they invoke so much joy, and I am always pleased to see a new post announced in my reader.

  15. Debi Kelly Van Cleave Says:

    Your words are never inadequate Beth. They are interesting and creative and always inspirational.

    I love music too. All kinds. You should hear this homemade DVD Kurt made for me. It’s got everything on there: The Inkspots, bluegrass, “Hurt” by Timi Yuro, “Ode to Billy Joe,” George Jones, George Strait, Metallica, Def Leppard, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and The Four Seasons (of course, I’m a Jersey girl), Rolling Stones, tons of Southern rock, lots of blues, Pink Floyd, the themes from Valley of the Dolls and Midnight Cowboy, oh, I just love music! I’m getting into Lady Antebellum right now.

  16. Benjamin Says:

    Hello Mommy,

    Gosh you are so cool. Your photographs spoke for you, and your words amplified your message. I love the way the nuthatch looks like he’s intently focused on a point in the distance. I love you.

  17. Clara Melvin Says:

    You’ve done it again! Thanks for a lovely post and beautiful photos. I love them all but especially the one of Ariel running.

  18. Sara Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, both your words and your beautiful photographs!

  19. Connie Says:

    I’m with Jeff, do you give lessons.

    Your photographs take my breath away.

  20. Shannon Says:

    Love, love, LOVE this post. Thank you for those pictures. You will officially be my computer wallpaper for a while.

  21. Lora Martin Says:

    Oh, thank you much for this one.

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    278 Inadequate Words and 11 Sort-of-Adequate Photographs | Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl

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