The Many, Many Colors of the Always Changing Sky

a certain slant of light blog

(A certain slant of light.  In this case, late afternoon—-the golden hour after a storm)

When we first began to contemplate a move to the mountains from the flatlands of eastern North Carolina, we thought mostly of how wonderful it would be to be able to rest our eyes on the blue ridges of the Appalachians every day.  What we didn’t consider was just how amazing the skies here would be.  From our porch here at the Doublewide Ranch, we can see almost all of the eastern and southern firmament, and it is often a wondrous sight to behold.  We feel truly blessed to be a few thousand feet closer to the heavens.

So, if you, like me, have been oppressed by grey and dreary skies and fog this week, here are a few pictures (all taken here, mostly in the past year) to help you remember the infinite glories of the world above us. 

sunrise blog

(Sunrise, over the mountains.  From our porch.)

light escapingblog

(“Crepuscular rays.”  Such an unbecoming name for the glory of these sunbeams)

after the rain at sunset blog

(After the rain—at sunset)

sundog over Asheville blog

(A sundog at sunset—over Asheville, eleven miles away)

fog and light blog

(Fog and light)

golden sunrise blog

(Another sunrise over the mountains)

the many blues of the sky blog

(The many, many shades of blue in the sky)

autumn oak blog

(Oak in autumn)

colors of autumn blog

(The radiant colors of autumn.  Glory be.)

23 Responses to “The Many, Many Colors of the Always Changing Sky”

  1. Pat Says:

    So beautiful. Takes my breath away.

  2. Benjamin Says:

    I can see a book already: “Art In Weather.” I love the way you look at things.

    Yes, we definitely need constant reminders not to get bogged down (or fogged out, as the case may be).

  3. CountryDew Says:

    Those are quite lovely. I found it uplifting to look at, and I needed a little uplifting today. Thanks!

  4. Nancy Says:

    Oh, Beth- You’ve done it again! What lovely skies. Yes, there is truly much to be thankful for!

  5. eemilla Says:

    These are some gorgeous photographs! I must confess though, I love the gray skies too with their ominous darkening of the daylight hours; their promise of a good night of sleep; or the awesome ferocity and beauty of lightning.

  6. Betsy from Tennessee Says:

    Beth—Your pictures are incredible. You do live in a beautiful area of NC. WOW–I’m SO impressed with all of the pictures, especially the ones showing the fall colors. Hooray!!!


  7. Jayne Says:

    Ahhhh…. just soaking these in! We had 3″ of rain here yesterday between 9-3, and it’s been cloudy and overcast for days on end. Your views are simply spectacular Beth. Lucky you to be able to wake up to that scene each and every day!

  8. june Says:

    All so beautiful…each in its own way. Just like us!

  9. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Holy cow these are stunning photos!
    I especially loved the Fog and Light one!
    You are a pretty amazing photographer with that point and shoot!
    Thanks for sharing. I love looking at the changing skies around here, even with all this dreary rain.

  10. Judy Says:

    Hi Beth, You are so lucky to be living in your great mountains and all the wonderful views you get there. I can’t imagine seeing 11 miles away! The photos are just awesome. I often picture you sitting there on your porch in the mornings with your coffee just breathing in all the majestic views from your place. I think that alone would be worth any sacrifice you made to live there. Thanks for sharing with us. We can imagine we are there with you.

  11. Ariel Says:

    Absolutely astounding photos. I forget to breathe when I look at them, they are so beautiful. I’ve seen most of them before, but not that pink sundog one! That’s amazing. These make me homesick for the mountains. And the sky. Because you can see so much less of it here in the lowlands.

  12. anita Says:

    Gorgeous pictures! And especially welcome today . . .

  13. NCMountainwoman Says:

    We haven’t seen the sun rise or set for the past week. It’s been rain and fog all week with flash flood warnings today. Some trees are falling because of soggy ground. Hope we will see some sun next week. Beautiful photographs.

  14. Debi Kelly Van Cleave Says:

    There must be something greater than us humans to have skies like that.


  15. Captain David Reedy, USAF Says:

    I miss home.

  16. Martha Says:

    Amazing photos, Beth! I do envy your view. Mountains and ocean…my two favourite things.

  17. Sara Says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous photos!

  18. Clara Melvin Says:

    Glory Be To God…..for the beauty He has given us to enjoy. Your picture get better all the time!

  19. Jeff Says:

    Hmmm …. never heard of a “sundog” before! My two favorites, if I had to pick them, are the sunrise over the mountain photos. Gorgeous!

  20. clairz Says:

    These are just stunning. Stunning!!!

  21. Roger Says:

    You are truely blessed. Thanks for sharing the pics. They bring back many memories of when we lived in Wilkes County.

  22. colleen Says:

    A living canvas!

  23. Genevieve Says:

    Beautiful sunrise pics! Just awesome 🙂

    I’m starting something new and I was wondering if you’d like to participate. It’s a photo parade blog with a new theme each week. Next week is to be the first week and the theme is “Sunrise”.

    Would you be interested in posting a your sunrise picture for next week’s “Sunrise” theme photo parade? You would be credited and the photo would link back to your own site.


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