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Mr. Tomato and Mr. Apple blog

So, earlier this week I suddenly realized that last Sunday was my two-year blogiversary, and I was thinking that I really should write something thoughtful, insightful, and profound to mark the occasion. But then Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man and I saw this face on a little tomato. And I found an apple with a mouth and two eyes looking right at me so, of course, I couldn’t resist sharing them both with you.  And really, this (and this from 2007–a favorite) probably gives you a truer sense of who I am than anything else I could write.

Mr. Apple blog

Yep, I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff. Just yesterday, our local news featured a potato shaped like a duck, and I laughed in delight like a five-year-old. And my friend Clara had this picture on her blog earlier in the summer of a heart-shaped spud, which thrilled me to pieces. And, too, I love those stories you hear of someone who had lost hope and faith but found a reason to believe again when they found, say, a corn flake with the image of Jesus on it or a rock shaped like a cross or a knot in a tree that looks like the Virgin Mary.

I hope I don’t sound deranged when I tell you that I see faces everywhere. In tree trunks, in fence posts, in flower blossoms. And even when the face isn’t readily apparent, all I have to do is add two little googly eyes, and there it is. Yep, it’s true—I could entertain myself for hours with two little googly eyes and a world full of wonders. And even if you’re not so easily entertained as that, I hope these goofy shots will at least make you smile and remember, just for a moment, the pure pleasure and joy of silliness. 🙂 

Mr. Snapdragon blog

There’s one in every crowd.

There's something strange here blog

Hey, what’s that critter on sitting on the bull thistle?

bull thistle critter blog

Egads!  It’s the rare Fuzzy Breasted Spiky Headed Thistle Bird!

Mr. Squash too blog

Mr. Squash blog

It’s not easy being squash. 

23 Responses to “Face to Face”

  1. Benjamin Says:

    Thanks, Mommy; I’m hurt, though. You didn’t call me and tell me of your rare bird sighting! 😀

  2. NCMountainwoman Says:

    Too funny! I’m going to go out and get some googly eyes and try it for myself.

  3. Betsy from Tennessee Says:

    Cute Beth… I laughed outloud at some of these. Guess I have your kind of humor in me too!!!!!

    Congrats on the Blogaversary…..


  4. eemilla Says:

    Magic and the pure pleasure and joys of silliness are essential to a healthy life. Thanks for today’s dose!

  5. Neas Nuttiness Says:

    This could be the beginning of something really big. Goggly eyes everywhere!

  6. Jayne Says:

    LOLOLOL! Love that thistle bird Beth!! Happy Blogiversary!!

  7. Debi Kelly Van Cleave Says:

    Just yesterday, Kelly found a potato chip shaped like Elvis! I’m not kidding. I think it’s a sign Beth! lol

    Oh, you’re going to love the rock I found. I guess I’m going to have to blog about it…

    Thanks for the morning chuckle.


  8. Judy Says:

    Hi Beth, I hope this doesn’t post twice as my computer seems to be messing up this morning. I just love all these funny faces you see in the fruit. I really like the thistle one. It is my favorite. You never cease to amaze me at the things you see. I love that you share with us because looking at this stuff through your eyes is wonderful. You really do have a gift. I will never forget the heart in the grass!

  9. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Cute post. You have such a quirky sense of humor, my friend.
    Your snapdragon reminds me that my dad used to make snapdragons talk to me when I was a little girl. I can’t pass by then without thinking of squeezing their little cheeks together and saying “Hello Wesley” in a high falsetto voice! Made me laugh every time!

    I love the bull thistle best, though.

    Made any companions to Homer and…? ack I can’t remember the other one?

  10. Clara Melvin Says:

    Hi Beth. I loved your post and I have a picture I want to send you. The e-mail in your profile wouldn’t work for me. Please e-mail me. crochetclara@charter.net

  11. Sharon Says:

    I think the squash and I are related. Love the post.

  12. Jeff Says:

    I love the thistle bird the most! It even looks like a bird, what with the fluffy, downy thistles. Thanks for the chuckles.

  13. afitme Says:

    Love the faces. I see faces in a lot of things too, particularly random tile patterns, for some reason…

  14. Martha Says:

    Har har har…love this post, Beth. And you know, you’re not alone. My daughter and I both see faces everywhere too. Looks like I passed on some good (silly) genes to her…lucky kid 🙂

    Oh yeah, happy blogiversary!

  15. Edelweiss Transplanted Says:

    Oh my gosh, I enjoyed these. I’m going to go off and get some google eyes of my own and entertain my daughters.

  16. Shannon Says:

    Luv it, luv it, luv it!

  17. Ariel Says:

    Yay googly eyes! I have not seen a Fuzzy Breasted Spiky Headed Thistle Bird in person, and I’m very jealous of your sighting. 😀 Your tomato and apple look a little clueless, but that squash looks very concerned. Did you already have out the cooking pot and forks and knives?

  18. colleen Says:

    Eye like these.

  19. We Dig This Carrot! « Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl Says:

    […] Ranch. Hope you are, too. Because, in my humble opinion, the world needs more pictures of googly-eyed vegetables. If for no other reason—that it makes us laugh. Well, at least it makes ME […]

  20. baublegarden Says:

    I found your blog while looking for nature craft ideas and fell in love with your Fuzzy Breasted Spiky Headed Thistle Bird. What a beautiful blog you have, and I couldn’t resist linking to it from my post about making things from found natural objects (my birds are made out of pine-cones). Please let me know if you don’t want me to use reference your blog in my post and I’ll remove the info and link promptly! I read your about me and also hope you keep up with the writing because it is beautiful.

  21. Monica Says:

    You have a great sense of humor.

  22. Kay Guest Says:

    It is my belief that anyone who thinks this is funny is…
    as intelligently gifted as I am!!! I think all these photos are great!

    LOVE your sense of humor!

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