Just In Case You Still Remember My Last Post…

Since it’s been nearly two weeks since my last post, you’ve probably all pretty much forgotten what the post was about.  But just in case you do remember and just in case you’re curious about whether or not my shameless exploitation of Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man’s hurt toe actually got me into Blog Log…why, I’m happy to report that…yes…yes, it did.

But the thing is, Brian was a little late with Blog Log this week (apparently he was moving last week), so until today, I thought I had embarrassed myself  for nothing.  In fact, I was just about to publish a post bemoaning my previous post and exposing the egg on my face.  It was going to be titled something like The Folly of Following Fickle and Fleeting Fame.  (You know how I love alliteration) 🙂 Here’s an excerpt from my unpublished post: 

Yes, it’s true—it seems I humiliated myself and exploited my beloved husband’s injury for naught. It would appear, in fact, since it has been two weeks since the last Blog Log was published, that the Mountain Xpress has decided to discontinue the column. And they apparently made this decision just as I published my post where I all but begged to be in Blog Log again.  So it seems, as usual, that my timing is thoroughly and painfully off.  Which, of course, is nothing new.  I’m always the one who remembers the punchline of a joke long after everyone has walked away; who arrives at the party after all the food is eaten, half the crowd is gone, and the balloons are starting to deflate; and who sends a cheery “Get Well Soon!” card only to find out that the person I sent it to has just passed away.

My, that certainly was a light-hearted little piece, wasn’t it? 🙂  However,  I then went on to say:

But, on the bright side, Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man is still employed!  And his completely blackened toe did not wither and fall off!  In fact, it no longer looks gangrenous so I can now see it without flinching. 

Yep, it’s a good day alright when your toe doesn’t fall off!  I mean, I really hate it when that happens.  Bummer.   Yeah, nothing ruins a good day like losing a digit.

Seriously, we are truly grateful that Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man still has a job.  And that his toe didn’t drop off. 🙂  He even scored some free vegetable plants for our garden last week when there was a closeout at one of the places he does maintenance, along with some herbs that we can’t identify (but they sure smell good).   And I found the butterfly bushes I’d been wanting at a price I could afford.  Plus,  all the perennials I planted last year have come back this spring, except for the purple verbena.   All that…and I got on Blog Log, too!  Almost too much excitement for one week!  Things are definitely looking up.

So thanks, Brian.  I hope your move went well.  And I sure am glad the Xpress isn’t dropping Blog Log.  I enjoy it, even when I’m not on it.  But I sure do like it when I am. Makes me ridiculously happy.   Quite a thrill to see Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl in print, even if that isn’t really my name.  That would be “Beth.”  With a “B.”  As in beaming.  As in buoyant.  As in bountifully blessed.


12 Responses to “Just In Case You Still Remember My Last Post…”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Well Beth… I am glad that your hubby’s toe is okay and that he is still employed.. There are so many people who are unemployed in this horrible economy. Hopefully his job is safe for now–and hopefully, the economy will IMPROVE soon.

    As far as you being in print, WELL—if they don’t use your blogs, then that is their mistake!!!!! You, my friend, need to consider publishing a children’s book. You are SUCH a great writer…. Get Busy!!!!


  2. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Yay you! Good for Brian!

    So glad the toe is better…and employment still good.

  3. Clara Melvin Says:

    Well, I’m glad the toe in still intact and he hasn’t lost his job. I reckon it would be better to lose a job than a toe…..but thankfully he still has both!Congratulation on being published in Blog Log. Your name looked good there!

  4. Nancy Says:

    Well, whahooee!!! Good for you! (And the BRBC Man’s toe!) I think I know how much it means to see your blog recognized and in black and white! Good deal! You deserve it and more!

  5. jayne Says:

    Whooo weeeee! Beth is “published’ yet again! So glad the toe is now starting to resemble a toe again and that the job is safe. ;c)

  6. Judy Says:

    Hi Beth, Congratulations on getting in Blog Log and on having a husband that still has all his toes and his job! I used to have a six-toed cat and everyone thought that was so weird. I don’t know what they would think about a nine-toed husband??? We all have a lot to be thankful for these days if we have a healthy family and can pay our bills. Years ago, when my children were little and I did some freelance writing I got published in several magazines with articles I wrote. It is so much fun to see your name in print. I know how you feel. Maybe, you could send some of your stuff to magazines??? Anyway, we all enjoy everything you write and love coming over here to visit and see what is going on with you. Keep those stories coming. If you do try freelance writing, don’t expect much money. Back then they paid by the word and it was very little.

  7. colleen Says:

    Whatever it takes! I’d want to be in the Mountain Express too. I love that paper and my son Josh (Clayspace founder) was on the cover once. I want a blog log in my town. It’s a great idea!

  8. eemilla Says:

    Congratulations on the exciting week! You should post some photos of the mystery herbs (although my plant identification skills are not stellar).

  9. Ariel Says:

    Yay! Congratulations! Recognition at last. And yay for a host of little blessings.

    I love Judy’s comment about six-toed cats and nine-toed husbands. 😀

  10. Blog Log Brian Says:

    Hey Beth.

    Glad to hear the toe is going to make it. Despite conventional wisdom, I’m not a total sadist when it comes to the well-being of bloggers and their families.

    Your previous post was interesting because it addressed which articles end up in Blog Log and which don’t. While there is no boilerplate in my mind for which ones get featured, I do seem to recognize pretty quickly what suits the column and what doesn’t. I’m sure looking back at the past two years would show some trends.

    Someday, maybe I’ll try to write a column explaining the so-far nebulous criteria.


    By the by, we only missed one installment of Blog Log that week (I would never take it away for three! My fans couldn’t handle it.) and I wasn’t moving. I was gone on a long weekend to Colorado. Perhaps if i had my own blog, I could keep everyone up on my activities, but alas.

    See you at the Log.

  11. blueridgebluecollargirl Says:

    Hi, Blog Log Brian. Thanks so much for commenting. And thanks for the mention in Blog Log!

    Concerning your criteria for Blog Log: I had just noticed that the posts of mine that were featured have always tended to be the funny ones. Or, of course, the ones about injuries. 🙂
    So I thought maybe the ones that would really give me a…umm…toehold would be funny ones about injuries! Hence the mildly funny post about a sprained toe. (At least, I hope it was funny).

    Sorry, you’re right…it was only two weeks without a Blog Log. And I just assumed you were moving when you mentioned that you had been moving around. I guess I’ve moved so much myself that I just automatically leapt to that conclusion! But going to Colorado sounds a lot more fun…

  12. Jeff Says:

    Well, I never knew what a “blog log” was – now I do! 🙂 Alas, I’ve been in your predicament before – the one where you have all kinds of dark suspicions about an event and all of them turn out to be quite wrong. That is certainly proof that it is best to wait before mailing a letter or sending an e-mail when you are upset, isn’t it? What are you planting in your garden? Do publish pictures of the herbs – I won’t be of any help, but I’m sure another of your readers will be able to identify them!

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