Blogging Blithe Bluebird Bliss

Though it’s a bit blurry,  I could not resist blogging this blithe bit of bluebird bliss in our backyard birdbath:

(Can you say that sentence ten times very fast?) 🙂






22 Responses to “Blogging Blithe Bluebird Bliss”

  1. Clara Melvin Says:

    Oh that is so pretty. Don’t you love Spring? It makes my heart sing.

  2. Pat Says:

    Hoping for some bluebirds in our backyard when we get to NC.

  3. luckypennies Says:

    What an incredible series of shots! You got the color of the bluebird in the sunlight so perfectly too. It makes me want to flop about in a birdbath myself. 😀

  4. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Cool capture (and caption).

  5. june Says:

    Wonderful shots Beth…thanks for sharing! I miss our little bluebirds…looking forward to seeing them soon 🙂

  6. Benjamin Says:

    Very nice, very nice! I missed seeing many birds in the bird bath while I was there…

  7. Nancy Says:

    Wow! Beth, those shots are wonderful. I love the expression on his little face!

  8. anita Says:

    Lovely! Bluebirds are so beautiful—we have a pair nesting at the end of the garden, but I haven’t seen them as close as this. Thanks!

  9. jayne Says:

    Glorious!!! I love it!

  10. Judy Says:

    I could not even read that statement fast! lol. Love the picture of the bluebird. They are one of my favorite birds. I saw several cardinals hanging out in my yard this morning.

  11. eemilla Says:

    You are the queen of alliteration!

  12. Sharon Says:

    Remarkable photos! Backyard Bluebird Bliss. I like it.

  13. Debi Kelly Van Cleave Says:

    Hey, that’s the bird I had to rescue out of my woodstove. He was covered in soot when I let him go. I guess he came over for a bath!

  14. Benjamin Says:

    Haha, Debi, you made me laugh so much with that comment 😀

    And Mommy, as usual, your alliteration is supreme.

  15. bookbabie Says:

    So pretty, like someone painted the color on him!

  16. Aunt B Says:

    Oh my, I’ve never seen a Bluebird bathe before. That is just so sweet!!
    I’ve followed you through Jayne’s blog, hope you don’t mind.
    Beautiful shots of a beautiful bird.

  17. Thrica Says:

    Incredible. Great shots, especially the second one. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen the bluebirds out.

  18. colleen Says:

    Ha ha ha. This cracks me up. I feel like I just got splashed.

  19. marion Says:

    What gorgeous pictures! I’ve been out of pocket…PC probs, health probs…but I’m back, and have been trying to get a picture of the two male Indigo Buntings at my feeder. I’d had a bit of a dispute with a fellow (& others) in my writers’ group as they disagreed that male Indigo Buntings have black feathers that look a striking blue in the sunlight.

    Well. I haven’t managed the pix yet, but did quote my Audubon Society bird book. I think the IB is magical!

    Love your Blog, and your writing about your Mom, and your child. As for not graduating college, I had a childhood much like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, yet grew up with enthusiasm and passion, held down a job that required a degree (I told them the truth) and was once asked to TEACH at a college! Some of us are unique, Beth, and our friends know this and love us for ourselves.

  20. saul Says:


  21. Anthropomorphizing Is Fun « Mr. Schwump Has His Say Says:

    […] at our birdbath.  We operate an equal-opportunity birdbath, so we get all kinds of birds.  But our most frequent visitors are bluebirds.  And […]

  22. Michael's Woodcraft Says:

    Cool pictures! I love to watch bluebirds, this year we have had numerous cycles of baby bluebirds. Check out my pictures of bluebirds …

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