Hank and Homer-Part 3: A Visit from the Easter Bunny

Okay, so I know it’s a bit soon for yet another Hank and Homer tale, but I just couldn’t resist!  [Note to the snarky dude on Twitter who mildly ridiculed my last Hank and Homer post:  No need for snark—-it’s just for fun.  Silly, goofy fun.  Obviously, it’s not everybody’s idea of fun, but it makes the five-year-old in my heart happy.  Silliness can be very therapeutic. You should try it sometime.]


Well, look who I caught in the act!  That most venerable and worthy of rabbits—the famous Easter Bunny!  He hopped by the Doublewide Ranch to see my little friends Hank and Homer because they…believe.  


Hank and Homer really enjoyed their first Easter Egg hunt and had quite a haul!  Here they are counting their eggs.  They loved the bright, happy colors.  But there were a few hiccups along the way when…


…Hank (who is easily distracted) started picking the pretty pink flowers instead of looking for eggs, leaving Homer to find them all.  Then…


…that rascal Homer frightened poor Hank with a very silly Easter bunny disguise.  Of course, they both ended up laughing.  But then…


…Hank was startled again when a bee landed on his head and made a bee-line for his ear! But, luckily,  the little critter bee-haved himself, was quite bee-nign, and was soon bee-gone, but not before creating quite a buzz!  

But sometimes even the best of friends bicker.  And so it was with Hank and Homer…


…when they tussled briefly over the huge egg that they both found hidden in the daffodils.  But Hank and Homer are good eggs, and in the end…


…they found a way to share the big red egg.  At first, they were just being silly, but then Homer got the notion that the egg halves looked like motorcycle helmets and that maybe he and Hank would look really cool on motorcycles.  “Hey, we could hit the highway on Harleys, Hank!” said Homer happily.   But Hank was not so thrilled at the thought (although he did enjoy the alliteration).  He’s the sort of fellow who likes to amble along at an easy pace and and stop and smell the flowers and touch the flowers and pick the flowers and roll in the flowers and sometimes even taste the flowers.  And how would they ever be able to hear the birds singing on a noisy motorcycle?  Also, Hank pointed out (very sensibly he thought) that perhaps driving a motorcycle was not the smartest idea for a couple of invertabrates without opposable thumbs.  (Opposable thumbs are very, very useful!)  Homer had to concede that Hank had a point, but he was a little sad because Homer loves adventure.  And Homer loves roadtrips.

But he loves Hank more.  So Homer agreed that maybe it was adventure enough to climb trees and play with gnomes and ride old Pinky and old Blue.  And adventure enough to ride their imaginary Harleys (very, very quiet Harleys!) down the endless flower-strewn roads of their dreams.


17 Responses to “Hank and Homer-Part 3: A Visit from the Easter Bunny”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Beth—You really could make alot of money if you wrote Children’s books… Think about it. You have a gift.


  2. eemilla Says:

    Thanks for this Easter post. I just cannot enjoy Easter without the joy of kids finding eggs.

  3. Sharon Says:

    I’ve said it before and so have others: put this H&H stuff in a book! I was sooo excited to know that there was a “Part 3” to read tonight! And it was another darling story. Beth, you’re a genius with this.

  4. june Says:

    The other comments are only repeating what I’ve long said!

  5. Benjamin Says:

    You’re crazy–in all the best ways, of course. These stories are quite entertaining; keep it up!

  6. wesleyjeanne Says:

    tee hee!

    I agree with everyone else. Make a book.

  7. jayne Says:

    I love it! And yes, the Adventures of Hank and Homer are begging to be published!

  8. Bonnie Jacobs Says:

    Aha, I see that my comment won’t come as a surprise to you — the Hank and Homer stories should be a series of children’s books. Seriously, I can help you figure out where to send them, if you are willing. Way back in the 1960s, when I stayed home with my little children, I decided to be a freelance writer — though all my published writings have been nonfiction. You have my email address, and I am serious about your getting a manuscript or two or three to a publisher of children’s books, okay?

  9. Judy Says:

    Oh boy! Another Hank and Homer adventure. I just love Hank and Homer. Beth, If you can interest a bunch of old fogeys in the adventures of these two characters, I just know that children would be totally fascinated with them. I love the big egg helmets. It made me think of when my twins used to put their potty on their heads and wear them for hats before they got potty trained. Beth, Bonnie says she can help you. You should give it a try! I did some freelance non-fiction writing back in the 70s when my children were little, too. I think the first thing you would have to do is get a patent on the characters so no one could steal your ideas. You have to apply for that and can find out how on the internet. I remember looking it up one time. There is a place online where you can make your own book, too. My son made one of all his artwork. It is http://www.blurb.com/ Then, there are lots of childrens book publishers listed online. I know you are having fun with this and we all love reading about these two loveable characters but they could evolve into something big for you.

  10. clairz Says:

    …and so their little personalities are starting to be revealed. I can’t wait to learn more about what makes Hank and Homer, well, Hank and Homer.

  11. colleen Says:

    I love those red hats! This could be a new children’s show. I hear their voices in my head, sort of like Gumby!

  12. CountryDew Says:

    You have a great imagination. Loved this.

  13. Clara Melvin Says:

    Keep up the good work Beth. Someday you might be as famous as Tasha Tudor.

  14. ginger Says:

    silliness equals sanity. H & H are definitely inspired.

  15. Jeff Says:

    Bee-haved, bee-nign, bee-gone …. oh my! What fun! I have no children, so I can’t offer an opinion there, but so many others have. Why not try? What do you have to lose? Only your dreams of your novel, I guess…. And a pox on the dude who had a negative Twitter comment … he needs to get a life!

  16. Lora Says:

    Those last two paragraphs…perfect! Yes, I’m with the others, please consider getting these guys published. Kids(well, all of us really)need these kind of positive, clean, and insightful thoughts and visuals out there.

  17. Joe Says:

    I have a cartoon called Hank D and the Bee. http://joemohrtoons.com/tag/hank-d-and-the-bee/
    i was googling it and came across the Hank phot with the bee. Great minds think alike 🙂
    Great photos by the way!!!!!!!

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