A New Year’s Wish and A Talking Fish


(Our Christmas tree)

So…here I am again apologizing for being such a slackard with my blogging.  Truth is, I haven’t felt much like writing lately.  An old injury came back to haunt me again (this happened last Christmas too), and I’ve been in a fair amount of pain for the last month.  Plus, for some reason, I’ve been a bit more melancholy than usual this holiday season—and felt more keenly the pain of my estrangement from some of my extended family.  Lord knows,  I have good reason to be estranged, but still…I feel sad about it.

Nevertheless, as always, I’ve enjoyed having my children home from college.  It’s a wonderful thing to witness their growth—both intellectual and spiritual—and the emergence of their fine adult selves.  And they make me laugh—a lot.  And laughter really is such good medicine.

And like my children, I love to make people laugh.  So I thought I’d share a story with you that I wrote eight years ago—one of my stories that was published.  I’m pretty sure that I retained the rights on it, but I may end up taking it off the blog pretty quickly if I find out otherwise, so you might want to read it soon if you’re interested.

It’s not high-brow literature, but then, you wouldn’t expect that from me anyway, would you?  🙂   I take the advice to “write what you know” very seriously, and the people in my story are the people I grew up with down east, in the country churches my Daddy pastored.  I loved those people and still miss them, so they show up in my writing a lot.  It’s my way of keeping them around.

Anyway, you can find the story on my sidebar under Pages.  Just click on A Fish Story.  It’s not long.  Dostoyevsky it’s not…but, at least maybe it will make you laugh.  And, in my opinion, making people laugh is one of the higher forms of art.  Especially these days.

Oh…and Happy New Year.  May yours be filled with plentiful blessings and wonders.  And lots and lots of laughter.


14 Responses to “A New Year’s Wish and A Talking Fish”

  1. luckypennies Says:

    I love this story. 🙂

  2. Benjamin Says:

    Me too!

  3. eemilla Says:

    Being new to your blog, I clicked the link and read last year’s post. It made me cry and long for Christmas past before the magic left my extended family gatherings. I have stopped exchanging Christmas gifts with my family in hopes of getting over the consumerist orgy that the holiday has devolved into to (instead I try to catch up with everyone on their birthday). I feel that music is so crucial to enjoying life in general and Christmas in particular (although I favor The Nutcracker); I will add Handel’s Messiah to my iTunes wish list/shopping cart for next year when I purchase all the Christmas music I can think of and bake like a mad woman in hopes of enjoying Christmas for the first time in years.

  4. CountryDew Says:

    Happy New Year, Beth. Hope 2009 is a great one for you. And that the melancholy goes away pretty soon!

  5. Judy Says:

    Hi Beth, I love your tree. It is just beautiful and that fish story is so funny! I sure needed a good laugh and you gave it to me. I about cracked up when she opened that package and it was one of those singing fish. You are so talented and have such a way with words. It just amazes me how you can “spin a yarn”. I hope you are feeling better. I am feeling much better. I finished my antibiotics today and am so glad. They made me feel so sick to my stomach. I just hope the tooth does not flare up again. Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope it is a health, happy and prosperous one.

  6. June Says:

    That was a terrific story! I hope 2009 brings you good health and much happiness.

  7. Jeff Says:

    Oh, Lord! The ending had me in tears! What a story! I’m reminded of O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi” in the sense that Amos loved his wife so much. He must have thought that he was pulling quite a prank, but obviously Katie Mae didn’t see it that way. After 43 years ….

  8. Debi Kelly Van Cleave Says:

    The ending also had me in tears! What a great story. It was clean, crisp and colorful. I loved the characters. Are you working on other short stories? Good luck with your writing.


  9. wesleyjeanne Says:

    I’ve been remiss in writing here because I told you all this privately, but I love your story, too. I’ve known men like this (and women). I love the fish imagery throughout and especially love the ending.

    You sure can write, girl.

  10. colleen Says:

    Well it gave me a shiver and a wet eye. Well done! You have a natural voice. The best thing for the best kind of writing.

    My mother had one of those singing fishes in her house for a while. My brother is a fisherman. I guess she got tired of it pretty quickly because it wasn’t there the next year I went home to visit. I think it sang Mack the Knife … when the shark sings….

  11. Cathy Says:

    Hi Beth
    Yes…those reindeer can be a nuisance…..but I am happy they stop by. Wishing you and your family a very happy new year. Cheers to another year of blogging and friendship!!!

  12. Clara Melvin Says:

    Beth I read The Fish Story. It was so funny. I have one of those things hiding in a box somewhere. The story reminded me of something about my husband. I was working and it was my birthday. He came to pick me up and I saw this box in his hand. My first thought, “Oh, he has remembered my birthday.” I couldn’t wait to get off work and come to find out someone had given him a dozen turkey eggs to put under a chicken for hatching. He never knew I thought it was my present. That is the first and only time I ever got a dozen turkey eggs for my birthday. He is NOT a setimental person!

  13. blueridgebluecollargirl Says:

    Many thanks to everyone who took the time to read and comment on my story. It’s never easy to put your writing out there for anyone to see, but your kind and generous comments made it worth the risk. Since I am still unsure of whether I retained the rights, I’ll be taking it down soon, but I am so grateful to those of you who read it.

  14. Fire Surround Says:

    i would always love to hear those christmas music with a very happy tune ‘-:

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