The Loveliness of Snow on Zinnias

We had a surprise waiting for us when we went outside this morning.  Can you guess what it was?   Why, yes…that’s right!  Snow!  How did you ever guess? 🙂 

The cold was a bit of a shock to our systems–after all, I was working outside in a sleeveless shirt two days ago.  But the white dusting on the red maples was lovely and the paradox of snow on zinnias (the quintessential summer flower) was an unexpected delight. 

And, curiously, the snow on the red yarrow had a festive, Christmas look about it.  Kind of put me in the mood. 

Anyway, I thought I’d share the sight with those of you who may not have been so lucky (or unlucky–however you look at it).  Maybe it will put you in a holiday mood, too, and we can all close our eyes and dream…

Of peace on earth, good will to all, and the joy and delight of a white Christmas.


16 Responses to “The Loveliness of Snow on Zinnias”

  1. Pat Says:

    I just love these pictures! Thanks so much.

  2. Wayfaring Wanderer Says:

    I truly need to adopt your attitude about our recent snow……I’m just not ready!! haha

  3. Clara Melvin Says:

    Hi Beth, we had a light dusting here in TN also. It seemed to get me in the holiday mood also. Hopefully it is just a short cold snap. I still haven’t raked my leaves!

  4. Margie Miller Says:

    We have not had any snow thus far here in southern Kansas. I certainly am not looking forward to any either.

  5. luckypennies Says:

    Lovely photos. I’m jealous. It’s just been nasty and cold down here. We only just had our first major frost.

  6. Benjamin Says:

    Hey–I almost thought I saw snow outside my window, but then I realized it was my dandruff. Just kidding; it was some real light, melt-in-the-air type of snow. But nice photos! I won’t let my jealousy cloud my artistic sense 😀

  7. Judy Says:

    I am not ready for snow either. It was in the 30s here this morning and I have froze to death all day. Guess my blood is getting thinner by the year as my dad used to say and that is the reason I stay cold all the time. I love all the pictures you took. They are just beautiful and the red flowers with the snow does make me think of Christmas. When I was a child, I could not wait for it to snow so we could make snow cream. It was such a wonderful treat back then. Thanks for sharing your great photography once again.

  8. eemilla Says:

    I wasn’t at home and able to take any photos so thanks for sharing yours. My winter mantra is: twelve twelve inch snow events. Our water table needs it, and I need to get some good skiing in. Here’s to snow!

  9. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Love the photos, esp the zinnias, the yarrow, and the rosebud!

    We had a light dusting which disappeared a mile down the road, but my Dad had a couple of inches. Some places had a smuch as three.

  10. clairz Says:

    The rosebud with the snow crystals…exquisite! Thank you.

  11. Linda H Says:

    such beautiful pics! True! I have never seen snow on zinnias. Kinda pretgty, though!

  12. colleen Says:

    Wonderful contrast. The last one is especially beautiful in a bittersweet way and even the bitter is beautiful. I also love the seed pod with snow. It’s like a metaphor of life.

  13. June Says:

    I heard that snow had come down your way. So far, none in Floyd…but we’ve had lots and lots of cold wind!

  14. pticester Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful photos.

  15. marion Says:

    Blustery winds blew all our beautiful fall foliage away, so I guess I’m ready for a bit of snow in SW Virginia. Usually, it gets into the valley on the other side of the BlueRidge Mountains and we only get a dusting.

    Having lived 19 years in the land of three-foot snowfalls and 6-inch ice underneath, a little snow is all right. Loved the pix, esp the rose.

  16. CountryDew Says:

    Gosh, I’m envious! But then again glad the weather is starting to warm back up here…

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