A Year Into the Journey

(Socket to Me!  from The  Faces That Launched a Thousand Quips)

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a full year since I wrote my first post, A Small Wobbly Step Into  the Blogosphere.   I was quite apprehensive and anxious.  It’s not easy to make yourself so vulnerable.  But here I am, a year later, wobbling along.  I was going to write a post reflecting on what I wrote then and how I feel about blogging now, but I guess I’d like to give that a little more thought.

But, for fun, I thought I’d revisit one of my earlier pieces—one of my favorites, The Faces That Launched A Thousand Quips.   Naturally, it’s from the Silliness category (in case you couldn’t tell from the photo…and the title).   I still remember how much fun I had doing that post, though it took several hours to take all the shots.  Take a look—I’m pretty certain it will make you laugh.

Oddly enough, some of my other favorites fall into the other extreme—the I-think-I-might-be-an-old-cranky-curmudgeon category:  A Friendly Word of Advice to the AARP ,  A Note to the Glib, Gauche Guy in Guccis, and A Passel of Personal Peeves.  I would like to note that the Gauche Guy in Guccis piece was written about men where I used to live–not where I live now.  Why, the other day, at CVS, I even had a fellow with a big ladder in his hands hold the door for me.  🙂

But I’m proudest of the ones I wrote about my son Benjamin’s struggle with autism.  I say his “struggle with autism.”  Really, it was more his struggle with the world and how it so often discounts, dismisses, or rejects those who are different.  I’m proud of these posts because the fact that Benjamin allowed me to post them meant that he was finally moving towards acceptance of his autism and acceptance of who he is.  As I said in the post, Benjamin Raps, he was at last breaking “free of the bondage of believing the ill-conceived and ill-founded opinions of others and learning to see the truth of who he really is.”  If you’d like to read them, click on the Autism category.  I’d be pleased if you did.

Now that I think about it, that was one of the reasons I took my own bold step into the blogosphere.  To break free of my own bondage…of fear, of timidity, of insecurity.   I’d like to be able to say that I’ve become a bold, daring, confident woman.    But I haven’t…yet. 

But even if I haven’t arrived, I’m still out here, stumbling along, looking for grace and striving towards light.  One wobbly step at the time.

So, thanks.  For those of you still walking along with me and for those who have recently joined me—I appreciate you sharing my journey.  I am so grateful for the company.  🙂


10 Responses to “A Year Into the Journey”

  1. Judy Says:

    Hi Beth, Congratulations on your year of blogging. I went back and read all the posts. They are great. I love all the different faces you made with the eyes and I used to get mad when I got that stuff from AARP, too. Now, they have a right to send it. lol. Loved the guys in guccis and I wrote a post about pet peeves, also, some time back. The poem by your son in 6th grade says it all. He is very talented. I loved it. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your journey because I have enjoyed every step we took together. I wish you many more happy years filled with blogging!

  2. June Says:

    I for one have been richer for your embarking on this journey! I smiled as you reminded me of all…it’s sort of fun to be able to go back and review it all.

  3. Margie Says:

    It’s too bad that people have to make it hard on everyone who is jsut trying to have fun blogging.

    I am happy to accomodate you anyway I can though.

  4. Jeff Says:

    May you have many more years of successful blogging! I had read most of the posts, already, but not the poem by Benjamin. What wisdom at such a tender age!

    The post about AARP resonated – I started getting that stuff when I turned 50 or thereabouts – I didn’t note how old I was at the time. But it did make me wonder – I surely couldn’t get a senior discount yet!

    After my mother died four years ago, AARP took it upon themselves to change my Mother’s mailings to my address, as I had given the USPS a forwarding order until I could get it all stopped. It was disconcerting, to say the least, to see my Mother’s name on mail in my mailbox with my address on it! AARP must have a link to the USPS forwarded mail list. AARP was so incredibly obnoxious. I called numerous times but no one would ever give me the name and address of anyone to write to. I finally wrote a letter to my Congressperson and he provided me with the name and address of a senior person in AARP. Even then, she had trouble stopping the flood of mail. I do not have fond memories of AARP at all. I told them that I didn’t ever want to hear from them again. So far, so good!

    I really enjoy the posts that I read on your blog. I don’t see any evidence at all that you have ever stumbled in your journey towards grace and light. You might be taking tentative steps, but that isn’t the same as stumbling!

    My warm wishes for a very productive second year of blogging!

  5. wesleyjeanne Says:

    I’m so happy that you started blogging a year ago–that the voice in those great, tender, insightful, funny emails made its way to a wider audience.

    I’m even happier that I can call you friend.

    Keep it up. We’re all waiting for your next words…

  6. Benjamin Says:

    This makes me happy to have you and your writing–and your support. Rock on!

  7. CountryDew Says:

    Congrats on a year of writing well done! The blog-o-sphere is certainly richer for it and I am glad to be sharing a tiny bit of your world.

  8. Gordon Smith Says:

    Hiya BRBCG,

    Happy Blogiversary!

    I’m making the rounds just in case you didn’t get an email invitation. Our email database is spotty at best.

    The Extravablogiversapaloozathon 2008 is September 27th, and we’re hoping every area blogger will come!

    Party Info here.

    BlogAsheville awards nomination thread here.

    RSVP thread here.

  9. Going Crunchy Says:

    Happy BlogDay! I still look forward to reading you.

    You are outta-socket-site!

  10. colleen Says:

    I found one of those wobbly eyes in my fruit bowl yesterday and have no idea where it came from! Happy BBday.

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