Blog Goblins

There seem to be pesky little goblins lurking in my blog today.  First thing this morning, I noticed my blogroll had disappeared overnight.  Then, it reappeared, but this time had my own blog on it!  Everything appears to be back to normal now.  As usual, I have no idea where the goblins came from.   But I hope they’re gone for good.   If you see any further bizarre occurences on my blog, please know I had nothing to do with it.

Bad goblins! Bad!


4 Responses to “Blog Goblins”

  1. Judy Says:

    They may be haunting more than you. One of my other blogging friends said her blogroll had disappeared and she thought she had removed it somehow!

  2. June Says:

    Don’t know if you recall, but a few months ago I had some goblins of my own…I can totally appreciate what you’ve been going through!

  3. Jeff Says:

    I haven’t been able to reach my server for over two hours, yet the network status is O.K., per their monitoring service. I use AT&T to get to the server – maybe the Bushies have struck? Sorry for appearing paranoid, but Palin does that to me!! I sent an e-mail to the support department – it will be interesting to see what their response is.

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