Welcome to the World, Little One

I am utterly smitten with our neighbor’s new babies–all three of them.  I don’t really know our neighbor all that well–she just moved in about a month ago.  But she lives a busy life–building the most lovely home in our grape arbor and now, a working Mom with three hungry mouths to feed.  Really, it’s no wonder she doesn’t seem very welcoming when I approach. 

This is her oldest little robin baby.  He hatched out a couple of days ahead of his siblings, and from the first day he could hold up his wobbly little head, he’s been a curious little bird, peering at me over the side of the nest almost every time I go by.

This photo is for my friend June.  She is a gifted photographer (and fine writer) who has given me much pleasure with her extraordinary animal pictures, especially her bird shots.  She has a keen eye and an obvious love for nature.  I think we are kindred spirits.

So, little robin, welcome to the world.  You’ll soon be soaring high above us, the earthbound ones.   You’ll forget the big strange creature with the wild hair who visited your nest every morning.  But I won’t forget you, my little feathered one.  I won’t forget you.



5 Responses to “Welcome to the World, Little One”

  1. June Says:

    OMG, isn’t he cute! I never cease to be amazed at how cute-ugly-funny looking newborn birds are.

    I was reading along and was surprised to find myself part of your story. Thank you so much for your kind words and for dedicating this picture to me! It was a special moment.

  2. CountryDew Says:

    What a great picture! I hope your little baby grows up big and strong!

  3. Judy Says:

    That is the most amazing picture of a baby robin I have ever seen. I love all your pictures. I think you are a great photographer as well! The baby robin is so cute.

  4. wesleyjeanne Says:

    That is a wonderful photo!

  5. Going Crunchy Says:

    Oh, that is amazing! What an incredibly good picture. Lucky June! Shan

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