The Cicadas Sing to Find a Girl

(A cicada gives me the evil eye)

The seventeen-year cicada emergence is beginning to taper off around here.  Either that, or our many birds have discovered just how tasty cicadas are.  In the morning, I see fewer and fewer cicadas, but the eerie serenade they sing to find a mate has grown in volume.  They alternate singing with flying clumsily about, until they finally bump into a girl cicada, and without further ado, they mate.  Soon after mating, they die.  But at least a few cicadas in my yard were immortalized forever in the many photographs I took.

  (Bug on bug-eaten leaf)

(Cicada hangs on a blade of grass)

(Cicada on rose bush leaf)

(Cicada in the daisy field)

(Mockingbird with possible cicada takeout for dinner. [I’ll have that bug to go, please.]  Sorry about the fuzziness…I couldn’t get close enough)

Perhaps you are glad to know that this is the last cicada post, at least for another seventeen years.   Hope it hasn’t “bugged” my readers too much.  I mean, I sure wouldn’t want to make a “pest” of myself.  🙂




4 Responses to “The Cicadas Sing to Find a Girl”

  1. luckypennies Says:

    More wonderful photos. Despite the fuzziness, I love the light in the mockingbird one.

    Your puns are inexcusably silly.

  2. CountryDew Says:

    I have enjoyed your photos, mostly, I think, because we are NOT have cicadas this year. 🙂

  3. Going Crunchy Says:

    I certainly haven’t found you worthy of bug “repellant.” You kept me “flying” back for more. I “rubbed my wings together” in hopes of another “insecticiting” post. O.k….now I’m getting cheesy. Shan

  4. mmechels Says:

    Love the cicadas…takes me back to my teenage years, when I would spend summers with my grandparents in Tulsa. One summer my bro and sis and I went nowhere without our precious brown lunch bags – our collecting space for the cicada shells. It fascinated me that those tiny little shells of legs stuck to everything! The stucco houses, a blade of grass, the side of a tree. Thanks for taking me back a bit!

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