Little Signs of Spring #2

Maple Seeds

(I called them “whirly birds” when I was small.  Who can resist throwing handfuls of them into the air to watch them twirl their way to the ground?)  Country Dew has a great post on them here.  She called them “dibbas.”


5 Responses to “Little Signs of Spring #2”

  1. bluemountainmama Says:

    another blogger posted a pic of red maple seeds, wondering what they were. that’s the first time i had seen red ones. we called them ‘helicopters’.

  2. June Says:

    Beautiful lighting in this shot. I’ve no first hand experience with them, so I get to pick my favorite term for them, no? 🙂

  3. CountryDew Says:

    What a great shot! Thanks for the mention.

  4. colleen Says:

    Are they really that red? I saw them take off like UFO helicopters maybe for the first time yesterday. Made me laugh out loud! And then wonder, where have I been all my life?

  5. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Beautiful. We called them, similarly, “twirlies”.

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