Benjamin Raps

When Benjamin was in the sixth or seventh grade, he wrote a rap song.  It’s not like what you might hear on the radio or blasting from the car next to you at the traffic light.  No…Benjamin spoke the truth.  I love this because it marks the point at which he was beginning to break free of the bondage of believing the ill-conceived and ill-founded opinions of others and learning to see the truth of who he really is. He was beginning to move towards acceptance, not only of his autism, but of every part of his being.  I think it is remarkable that he was only a middle-schooler at the time—I believe he shows great wisdom and insight. 

Personally, I’m afraid I’m still not free of that bondage.  I’m still learning from my son, but I have a ways to go.

His teacher at the time wrote on the paper, “Truth!!”   Amen!

Testify, Benjamin!

Image Isn’t Everything

 I’m Benjamin and I’m here to say—
Anyone’s image can be a false display.
If you think looks say it all
Get ready to take a fall.

It’s the true reality.
Many girls are hot,
You find that a lot.

What is hard to find
Is a chick who is kind.
A girl who is smart
And takes you to her heart.

Take it from me.
It’s not what you see
But what’s at her core
That really matters more.




9 Responses to “Benjamin Raps”

  1. athenivandx Says:

    hey, I’m autistic, and I think that rap is awesome!

    It’s very true……..impressive for middle schooler for sure. I couldn’t write things like that………rhyming, in middle school.

    thanks for sharing………..

    Ivan of athenivanidx
    one of three autistic personalities sharing a body
    (that organization has helped a lot in dealing with loads and loads of information every day.)

  2. June Says:

    So wise at such a young age!

  3. lookingforlifeshumor Says:

    Love it!

  4. CountryDew Says:

    Wisdom comes around at all ages and hours! Excellent.

  5. marion Says:

    So creative. I’ve been reading, but not commenting. You do need to get all this into book form to help other parents out there.

  6. athenivandx Says:

    I second what marion said. You could do a lot of good for parents who are ummm……….whats the right word………..not despondent, that sounds too condescending………but I trust that someone here knows what I’m trying to get at?

    I’m not always so great with words. It would be good for……parents who lack hope for the future for their autistic children. There are many parents out there who just don’t know enough about the potential abilities of autistic children, to even think they CAN be hopeful. I’m an autistic person, but I’m not a parent. You on the other hand are a parent. You would be able to reach such parents much more readily than I or either of the other two could.

    Please, please, spread your and Ben’s wisdom. and seek out other parents who are likeminded about their autistic children……who knows, you might even go to and start a blog carnival about hope for parents of autistic children!

    Just a suggestion………..thanks for being a voice for us.

    Ivan of athenivanidx

  7. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Tell it Benjamin!

    And yes, Beth, your posts have been so honest and hopeful and touching. Maybe the two of you could write a book together.

  8. Benjamin Says:

    I’m not sure I could write something like that now! Thanks to everyone who listens for the truth–everyone reading this blog (and the wonderful woman writing it).

  9. colleen Says:

    Pure poetry with a message and a beat!

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