The Light Has Come


(sunrise from my porch)

I wish you all a Joyful Easter and Happy Spring!  And may we all know peace, hope, and light.

          “Arise, shine for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”

           Isaiah 60:1




(our flowering cherry humming with honeybees)


12 Responses to “The Light Has Come”

  1. ronbailey Says:

    Love the pics – esp. the flowers and bees! The colors are incredible!

  2. Shannon Says:

    That’s amazing Beth. Thanks! Shannon

  3. luckypennies Says:

    Cool! So I guess you know which ones are the fruit trees now. And another exquisite sunrise. Lovely!

    Oh, and I finally made a blog post! Lookee lookee:

  4. June Says:

    Love those bee shots! And that sunrise! Wow! You sure know how to pick a good view!! Happy Easter to you!

  5. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Beautiful! I’m so happy you have found a view to comfort, soothe, and bring you peace.

  6. CountryDew Says:

    Lovely pics! Simply bee-autiful!

  7. bluemountainmama Says:

    beautiful easter post….. those cherry blossom pictures are medicine for the soul…. incredibly lovely and soothing.

  8. Bonnie Jacobs Says:

    Fantastic photos, especially the last one, which says “spring” better than most anything I can imagine.

  9. colleen Says:

    What a breath of fresh air. The photos make me breathe deeper.

  10. Benjamin Says:

    You’re a good writer AND photographer. Who could ask for more in a blog?

    And who could ask for more, that you see the glory of God everywhere you look–and that you have it in you.

  11. Mea Culpa or…My Bad! « Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl Says:

    […] in March, soon after we moved to our doublewide estate, I posted the picture above here, describing our “flowering cherry” tree.  It’s always so much fun when you move to a new […]

  12. eemilla Says:

    I’m always amazed by your bee shots.

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