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She Dreams of Falling

January 14, 2008


(Steps on our hike last year at Stone Mountain State Park, North Carolina)

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, though I do dream most nights about falling.  And, no, I haven’t given up on my blog, though it has been woefully neglected, along with my commenting on all your wonderful blogs.  I am truly sorry.

More immediate and urgent concerns have commanded our attention of late.  The good news is:  We have sold our house and the new owner wants to take possession very, very soon.  The bad news is:  We have sold our house and the new owner wants to take possession very, very soon.

And, as of today, we have nowhere to go.

Until today, we have been looking to buy a home in the place to which we’re moving.  The trouble is, people there apparently haven’t gotten the word that it’s a buyer’s market now.  They all want outrageous amounts of money for their houses and land. And we don’t have that kind of money to spare.  And we’re not that picky—we just want a couple of acres or more in the country where we can see mountains and clouds and stars.  The house doesn’t have to be fancy—a trailer will do. 

Anyway, at this point, we’ve gone from mild anxiety to full-blown panic.  And needless to say, we’re looking for short-term rental—just so we don’t end up sleeping in our U-Haul truck.   Did I mention that we haven’t found work yet? Did I mention that the pain from my slipped rib problem returned, so that I’ve taken to sleeping in a recliner?  Did I mention that my car’s reverse gear suddenly stopped working out of nowhere (at sixty-thousand miles)?  Looks like I’ll be getting a transmission for my fiftieth birthday.  Yay.

And please don’t lecture me on how it would have been prudent to have gotten a job before making a drastic move.  Yes, that’s how it would have happened in an ideal world where eveything works out just as you’ve planned.  Lord knows, we’ve tried.  But nothing yet.  The reality is:  we’ve sold our house and we have to move.  I’m sure we’ll find work in time.  Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man is one hell of a carpenter and a highly skilled handyman besides.  Oh, and he writes poetry.  But not on the job.  🙂

And now you can see why I haven’t been writing.  Not only a lack of time, but a growing lack of my usual cock-eyed optimism and a general crankiness that I didn’t wish to burden my readers with.  But I did want you to know that, Lord willing, I’ll be back—both writing and reading your writing.  So please don’t give up on me or my little blog.  And please, if you’re so inclined, say a little prayer for us.  Sometimes I’m not so sure mine are getting through.