Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man Takes the Scenic Route

One of the things I like best about living here in the mountains is the fact that even the most mundane of tasks, like going to the grocery store or going to work, becomes exciting because no matter which route we take, it’s the scenic route.  And I will never, ever take this for granted.   It’s a good thing that the country road we go into town on is not a busy one because I’m always stopping just to gaze,  slack-jawed with awe, at the beauty of these hills.

In that vein, I present the photographs of Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man–my husband Tom.  All of these, except the sunsets, were taken either on his way to work or at his jobsite.  He is a carpenter, and we get up early, so we get to see every day the wonder of the early-morning light.

About the one below:  Tom said he loved that the fence looked like a music staff and the headlights, like bright notes on the staff.   (Tom’s a poet, too.)


First of all, the house you see below, behind the corn snake,  is NOT our house.  It’s Tom’s worksite.  As a matter of fact, Tom says that our ENTIRE HOUSE would fit inside the great room of this house.  I guess that’s why they call it a great room.  Anyway, this is a corn snake.  Isn’t it beautiful?  The poor little guy was stuck on some adhesive that they were using in the drainage system.  Tom and his co-workers rescued him and let him go.  He was kind enough to pose for a few pictures before he slithered away.


This was taken on the same worksite.


The shot below was taken back in October from the same worksite.  Tom has been working there a long time.  It is a very, very large house, so there’s lots of custom trim to do (he is a trim carpenter).  I think he’s starting to feel at home there.  Very soon, they’ll probably give him his own room.  In fact, the house is so big, he could stay there and they might not even know he was there.  🙂


These amazing sunset shots (below) were taken when Tom was driving back from taking Ariel to Chapel Hill.  I am somewhat alarmed to know he stopped his car in the dark on the side of a major busy highway (where people drive like maniacs)  just to take a picture, but, golly, these are lovely shots. 



Thanks, Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man!  I’m so glad you have such beauty in your every day life and that you stop to capture it so we can see it too.


11 Responses to “Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man Takes the Scenic Route”

  1. June Says:

    Great shots! I agree – the drives we have to take when in Floyd don’t seem long because of all the beauty to see. That house looks as though there’s some timber frame in it. That’s what Judy’s son in law does – designs timber frames and then goes to the site to supervise them going up. His company is Streamline – if Blue Ridge Blue Collar Man ever comes across a job where they are.

  2. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Wow! Thank you, Tom, for sharing.

    Beth–Isn’t that one of the things you love about him? I know that whenever (frequently) Paul tells me to go look at the light on the mountain above Moses Creek or calls me to tell me about the Kingfisher her spotted skimming along Caney Fork Creek on his way to work…in those moments I think, “Yes, one more reason to love this man.”

    As if we need another reason.

    (BTW–do you guys fight over the camera or does he have his own?)

  3. CountryDew Says:

    These are lovely! And how lovely are the two of you to be so appreciative of the beauty around you.

  4. Going Crunchy Says:

    Oh man, I’m having such a tough time right now and your pics just look like home.

    I lived in Montreat when I first moved to North Carolina, then Black Mountain, then Asheville, then Chapel Hills, then North Carolina….and lots of time in Boone. I love lurking and reading all of ya’lls blogs because I get a little piece of what I feel is really “home.”

    My first year in Montreat involved many times me grabbing an arm beside me going…..Look! Look at that Mountain!!!!! Just the view, the feel, the smell, the sense of reverence for what is so freely given of the earth.

    I”m actually starting to tear up as I’m writing it because I MISS HOME so much right now. I want a little earth back……. Shannon

  5. bluemountainmama Says:

    nice to have a hubby who *stops to smell the roses*, so to speak. gorgeous shots! and i have thought the very same thing about driving in the mountains….it is a pleasure (except in bad weather). i love the drive to my son’s school…. the morning mist rising off the creek and fields. we are lucky, aren’t we?

    i used to live in the waynesville area, and am very familiar with those NC mountain mornings.

  6. lucky pennies Says:

    What lovely shots! What talented parents I have! What sadness that I am not in the mountains right now! What joy that I will be back in about a week!

    Seriously, I can’t wait to be back and see y’all.

  7. marion Says:

    Beautiful pictures. I’ve never understood flatlanders who say they feel dizzy when in the mountains.

    About writers’ groups: don’t feel intimidated. There are really good groups, positive and helpful, and boring groups and self-satisfied groups. Find out when & where they meet and drop in on a meeting or two. Then move on if it doesn’t suit you.

    They are as different as people are different. Some meet at a Barnes & Noble, drinking coffee and chatting. Others meet at a library. You are never forced to read your work, but the opportunity is always there. Our group sets up readings periodically so we can get comfortable reading before an audience. But it is always voluntary.

    Go for it, love.

  8. Maggie Says:

    I loved those pictures of the sunset.I love to watch the sunset,because I love the orange color of the sun,the orange and blue color of the sky,the pink and purplish color of the clouds,and it’s beautiful.

  9. Shirley Baucom Says:

    I am amazed with the beautiful photos you have on your blog.
    I have save quite a few of them to my computer and guess I have compromised your copyright on them. I haven’t used any of them but
    would like to save them to a CD or DVD if it is permitted. I especially like your pictures of birds, flowers, and the beautiful scenery.
    I am a senior citizen and due to some health situations and not able to participate in so many things as the in the past, but I still have the desire to minister to others, and am hoping I can become proficient in making some devotional Slide Show videos to share with people on my e-mail list. Please let me know if I would be permitted to use any of your material. I find them to be breath-taking. May you always be blessed in all you do.
    Through the love og God,

  10. blueridgebluecollargirl Says:

    Hi Shirley,
    Thank you for your kind words about my photographs! I’m so glad you enjoy them. And I really appreciate you asking before using them. I’d be happy for you to use them in your ministry to friends as long as they are not used commercially. In other words, as long as you are not selling the videos but are just sharing them as part of your ministry to friends. I would be pleased to know that my pictures are giving someone pleasure.

    Best wishes,

  11. Bruce Says:

    Just thought I’d let you know that the snake pictured is actually a milk snake, which is a type of king snake. Love the other pictures on here.

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