A Warm Welcome to Cool Autumn


(Scene from our deck-the play of light and fog in autumn)

Now that I’ve bid farewell to summer, I thought it would be appropriate to say a happy hello to autumn.  Hello, autumn!

Fall has always been my favorite time of year.  I have never seen it as an ending.  For me, it symbolized a fresh start—the beginning of a new school year, full of promise and new possibilities.  New pencils, new teachers, and a new cold-weather outfit that I always wore on the first day of school no matter how hot it was.  So the start of school for me is forever associated with the smell of new wax on schoolroom floors and the scratchy prickle of wool on my hot and sweaty neck.

And the cool, crisp autumn air makes me frisky as a new pup (even now, as an old pup).  I always feel as though I’ve been reborn in fall.   I love, too, snuggling under quilts piled so heavy you can barely move and the smell of thick soup or stew simmering in the crockpot.

So here is my photographic ode to fall.  I should confess: most of these are from last year.  We had every intention of hiking the hills this weekend and sharing what we witnessed with you, my kind readers.  But I had a small unexpected injury that has curtailed my hiking for a while.  So I hope you don’t mind a recycled, year-old fall!  ( Most of these were taken at our home).  For some really amazing fall pictures, be sure to check out Blue Ridge Blog.  My friend Wesley has some lovely ones, too, at Blue Ridge Dreaming  ( like this one.)

Welcome, autumn.  We’re so glad you’re here.


Our back woods at the end of the day


The great big maple in back of our house


The same maple from a different perspective


Dogwood and a golden tree illuminated


Leaves seen close.


Bright red berries of our mountain ash tree



Yes, the sky really was that blue yesterday!


9 Responses to “A Warm Welcome to Cool Autumn”

  1. June Says:

    I too love autumn and consider it a beginning vs the end for all the same reasons as you. Lovely pictures…timeless…so no matter that they weren’t taken this year! Hope your injury isn’t serious and that you mend quickly.

  2. CountryDew Says:

    I am jealous. We have no color. I think the leaves are just going to drop off. Your shots are wonderful.

  3. wesleyjeanne Says:

    These are lovely. I do love fall and have always thought of September as my unofficial New Year.

    Oh, and although I truly appreciate the link, I did confess in the comments that the photos you linked to were, sadly, also last year.

    I hope you’re okay.

  4. Shannon Says:

    Oh my gosh, what AMAZING shots. I thought I was on the Blue Ridge Blog and then scrolled up and realized that I was on BRBCG. Your shots are DARN skippy. I seriously want to come pick a bouquet in your yard. I love autumn, and picking armloads of leaves for our table and mantle. (Ones that are already off trees so I don’t harm it). Shannon

  5. colleen Says:

    I loved your answer on What’s it like, but I must admit I had drank a beer before reading yours and another and it made me feel drunk!

    I went out today on the Parkway to get some shots but we’re still not at peak, especially as compared to last year. Maybe next weekend.

  6. Susan Says:

    Great photos, love the first one – what is that planted in rows? Sorry about your injury, hope you are up and around soon.

  7. lucky pennies Says:

    These are bee-yoo-tee-ful! The colors are vibrant and spectacular, especially with the complementary reds and greens.

    Are you feeling any better? 😦

  8. bluemountainmama Says:

    lovely photos and sentiments. the things you mentioned are the reasons i love fall, too…. my favorite season, also!

  9. ben (aka guitar maniac) Says:

    I must say…autumn is so much more welcome since I left the high-school world. The leaves are just starting to turn down here! I too hope you end up feeling better.

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