Telling On Myself/Learning To Practice What I Preach/Irony Hits Me Upside My Head

The one thing that is guaranteed to send me off into the deep end is a computer glitch.  The most frustrating aspect of this is the fact that I rarely have any idea at all how I got into the trouble.  In addition, even if the problem inexplicably resolves itself, I rarely have any idea at all how I got out of trouble.  So I live with the terrible knowledge that somewhere down the road, it’s probably going to happen again. 

So it was on Monday, when I tried to post my piece about sundogs and The Cloud Appreciation Society.   I’ve been blogging for a couple of weeks now, so I was feeling confident, almost smug. (Here’s where I should tell you that my very first photo post took me three hours to finish.  Three hours.)  But I was getting a handle on this blogging thing.  Yeah. This was going to be a piece of cake.

When I tried to load the photograph of the sundog, it was huge, covering my whole blog page, so that my sidebar completely disappeared.  I was flummoxed, as the photo was about the same pixel size as all the other photos I had uploaded.  So I went back, reduced its size further, and reloaded it.  Still enormous.  Still no sidebar.  So, over and over and over again, I reduced the size of the sundog picture until it was only 48KB.   Still gigantic.  In the course of doing this, I accidentally deleted the written part of my post, including my links to The Cloud Appreciation Society and my pictures of clouds.

By now, I had been working on this for two hours.  I was actually trembling with frustration, sweating profusely, and almost hyperventilating.  It was about this time that Tom, my husband, came in.  He was excited. 

“Beth, you’ve got to come out and see this cloud.  It’s settled right on top of the mountain like snow, and the little wisps of it are trailing down the sides, but the sky is pure blue above!  It’s amazing!”

I wiped my perspiring hands on my jeans. “Umm, not right now, honey.  I’m trying to make this post upload.  You know… the one about The Cloud Appreciation Society.”

Tom stared at me.  “Just come out for a second.  This cloud is really something.”

“Not right now!  I’ve got to finish this cloud post!”  I felt irritated.  Why doesn’t he leave me alone?  Damn this stupid post.  Stupid blog.  Stupid sundog.  Stupid cloud. 

Tom was still staring at me.  In a significant way.  But, of course, I was too distracted to care about why.  Dadgummit,  I was going to finish this post about the beauty of sundogs and clouds if it killed me.  

Tom didn’t say another word.  He grabbed his camera and went back out.

I retyped the piece and redid the links to The Cloud Appreciation Society.  And that’s when it happened.  Yep, it was like in the movies.  In the old movies, that is.  You know, where the lead character has a sudden epiphany.  Their eyes widen in amazement, their mouth falls open, and they hear, as though in a dream, the words that opened their eyes, that single revelatory phrase, over and over, echoing through their astonished mind.  The Cloud Appreciation Society…Cloud appreciation…cloud appreciation…cloud appreciation…

Yep.  Irony hit me upside my head with a sledgehammer.  And, just like in the movies, I shook my head and smiled a rueful smile, as I faced the folly of my ways.  Slipping on my shoes and grabbing my camera, I headed outside.  Outside to look up.  To look up at the wonder of the clouds.  To “marvel at their ephemeral beauty.”

Footnote:  Indeed, beauty is ephemeral.  So I was too late to capture the cloud enshrouding the mountaintop at its best.  But here’s what I did see once I came to my senses and went outside.





4 Responses to “Telling On Myself/Learning To Practice What I Preach/Irony Hits Me Upside My Head”

  1. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Ahh the curse of bloggers everywhere. I must say you are advanced if it happened to you this soon into the enterprise–that is foregoing the experience in favor of blogging about the experience.
    In my case it manifests in this way:
    Owen comes running in from outside: “Mommy come look. The mountains are pink!”
    I look up from the computer with a glazed look: “Wait a minute sweetie, Mommy’s working on something.” I curse under my breath because something isn’t quite working or I’m frustrated because I’m being interrupted in the middle of writing about how cute my children are.
    Oh, it’s bad.
    At least we are aware enough to actually, finally come to our senses and see the irony.

    Great photos, by the way. I can see why Tom was excited.

    Oh, and incidentally, the rainbow photo I posted for my Wordless Wednesday this week: the above scenario is near exactly how I almost missed that photo.

  2. Shannon Says:

    Too funny Beth. I can be trying to get just that perfect sentence…….and miss a moment.

    I’m using Blogger and it drives me NUTS because it loses your breaks between paragraphs. I have to “publish” to see what it will actually look look like and then go into the lines of scrunchy little code. Of course that’s only sometimes. It will work well for a while and then suddenly have really bad days where it won’t do anything I want.

    I’ve gotten a laptop now and it’s really helped my writing. I’m not sequestered in my little office and just writing when a whim hits me. Um, this is usually for me in the middle of the night!

    And, AMAZING clouds. I can see why you appreciate them. Shannon

  3. lucky pennies Says:

    Hahaha…wow, irony done bit you in the butt. But at least you were able to get the photo you did, which is lovely.

    The other day, my friends and I were coming back from dinner and noticed the sunset and decided to go up to eighth floor Davis to get a better look. And it was astounding. I might post it later. The clouds were edged in gold and the sky behind them was melon pink. But we were sure getting funny looks from all the people studying. Cloud Appreciaters don’t get the respect they deserve.

  4. alissasanderson Says:

    haha. I’ve been totally guilty of the same myself. But I’m glad you went out to see, because that cloud is something else!

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