Technical Difficulties-Please Stand By

It is indeed a bitter irony that in my previous post, I spoke of my mastery of adding tags.  Apparently my confidence was premature, as today, inexplicably, the Tag Catagories in my sidebar and on my posts completely disappeared along with my custom header, my blogroll, and some of my comments.  I treasure all of my comments, so I am truly sorry.  A few minutes ago, my header reappeared, also inexplicably, so I have high hopes for the eventual return of my other missing sections.  So, to all my valued readers, I apologize.   This is particularly vexing for a new blogger like me.  But I hope it won’t keep you from coming back.

Update:  Well, my blogroll and my tag categories came back, but were completely scrambled, so that the wrong tags are on the wrong posts!  It is my understanding that there is a WordPress glitch sitewide that is causing this and not my usual computer gremlins or my own inept bumbling.  So my efforts at fixing it myself were futile, but at least it’s not just me.

Update to the Update:  Tags still scrambled, comments not posting properly, blood pressure skyrocketing.  And while I’m at it, I have no idea why the first part of the most recent post is in blue, as though it is a link, but I think I’d better just leave it be.  Apparently, wordpress still has a few bugs to work out.  But at least, I am not alone.


3 Responses to “Technical Difficulties-Please Stand By”

  1. June Says:

    Here’s a comment to keep you company until the rest of your “children” come home! I empathize with your tech difficulties since I have several ongoing issues I need to figure out. For instance, whenever I add a photo to a post, the published post never gets laid out as drafted and I end up having to re-publish…sometimes several times to get it right.

  2. blueridgebluecollargirl Says:

    Thank you, June! You know, there is nothing like computer glitches to raise my blood pressure. I can really relate to what you say–it literally tooks me HOURS to do my first photo post (I have dial-up, which makes it even worse.) I have found the Forums and the Frequently Asked Question sections to be very helpful. It was looking in the Forum section tonight that made me realize that this glitch was sitewide and not just me. I just hope they get it fixed. New blogs are daunting enough without all these snafus.

  3. luckypennies Says:

    Yeah, I still haven’t gotten my header back, and I can’t reupload it since I realized when I looked for it that I don’t actually have it. I think it’s just on your computer…

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