A Shameless Plug


 Ariel, age 4

Yeah, this is a shameless plug.  I think it’s called nepotism.  But my daughter Ariel has so eloquently expressed my thoughts and feelings about elitist eggheads in this rant on her most excellent blog LuckyPennies that I’m letting her speak for me today.  Except for the fact that she says it better than I ever could.  And she’s only nineteen years old! 

And yeah, I know some people think you should affect a false modesty about your children—to look down demurely when folks compliment them.  Not me, buddy.  I’m so proud of both my kids that I could bust. Unabashedly proud.

I had an inkling that Ariel might be a writer someday when shortly after her fourth birthday, she tugged on my shirt and said, “I wrote a poem.”  Except she couldn’t write.  So she asked me to write it down for her.  I ceremoniously took out pencil and paper and wrote, while she dictated, with a serious look on her face:

In wintertime
The snow will fall
Like bright soft jewels
On hard ground.

Ariel-Age 4
She told me that was all and ran off to play.  Several days later, I asked her if she had written any more poems.  She said, rather primly, “Not at the moment.” 
So, Ariel, (aka LuckyPennies) I’m so glad you’re writing poetry again.  Please—keep it up.   In the words of Daddy: “You go, girl!”


5 Responses to “A Shameless Plug”

  1. colleen Says:

    The first time my son Josh read me something he wrote as an adult, I thought for a split second that he couldn’t have written it. It was so good. I got some of his poetry published by the time he was three. I think that must have set the stage.

  2. ben (aka guitar maniac) Says:

    Good poem for 4 years old. I think I was still stuck in the boo-bah-goo-goo stage then…:-)

  3. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Go ahead, be shameless. Be proud. You have every right!
    How wonderful of you to have encouraged her talent. How lucky you are to be able to watch it blossom.

    And…wow, great poem for a four year old.

  4. lucky pennies Says:

    I know I already said thank you for this lovely advertisement for my blog, but thank you again! I have some new readers now. 🙂

  5. birdsandbenjamin Says:

    She was given two rare gifts–the poetry and the mother who still remembers that all these years later. And so do I!

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