The Bleats and Howls of Party Animals

So, my husband says to me, “You can’t write another rant—they’ll think you’re…cranky. You should write one of the happy nature pieces.”

Well, maybe he’s right, but the truth is…I am cranky.   I mean, who wouldn’t be after about two hours of sleep. 

Our neighbor had a party last night.  One of those all-nighters.
So, it gave me a whole new concept of just what hell might be like:    Karaoke Top-40 hits from the 70’s and 80’s, sung by drunken middle-aged party animals, over and over and over again, accompanied by a drummer who played like a six-year old who just got a drum set for Christmas.  Yeah, I can imagine hell being like this—a sort of Satan’s Singalong.  Had it not been for the fact that we had plans to go out very early this morning, it probably would have been funny.  I gave up trying to sleep and pulled out a book, so I got to hear drummer boy’s progress as the night progressed and he became more inebriated.  He eventually abandoned all pretense of playing with the karaoke and just started randomly banging, so that it sounded like someone was using a jackhammer outside our window.

I never did do more than doze, but I guess it’s just as well.  Had I slept well enough to dream, I can imagine the nightmares…of Beelzebub in a hardhat, smirking as he jackhammers the streets of Hell.


5 Responses to “The Bleats and Howls of Party Animals”

  1. wesleyjeanne Says:

    Oh no! That sounds awful. So sorry you had to deal with that. Are these the same folks who like to walk down your street yelling at the top of their lungs? Fun neighbors. Ugh.

  2. ben (aka guitar maniac) Says:

    Delightful people, I do say…I’ll tell drummer boy that you want him to crank it up a notch…just kidding! And I’m so glad you didn’t dream. That would be a pretty creepy dream…I got an instant picture in my graphically disturbing mind…but I suppose a jackhammer has to at least have some pretense of rhythm…was THAT even present?

    rat a tat tat trrrrrrrrr tchk!

    Better luck for tomorrow!

  3. blueridgebluecollargirl Says:

    Wesley: No, these are not the yell-at-the-top-of-their-lungs neighbors. Thankfully, THEY only come for two months in the summer, about the same time as the Japanese Beetles. The party-animal neighbors are year-round, but, in fairness, I should say that they don’t do this very often.

    Ben (aka guitar maniac): An excellent point–yes, a jackhammer WOULD have more rhythm. Perhaps I could describe the sound as being more like sporadic machine-gunfire. Oh, wait, maybe THAT was the neighbors with the very large guns–I’m quite certain we weren’t the only ones kept awake.

  4. colleen Says:

    That’s what I love about blogging. We can get windows into other’s lives but don’t have to stay awake all night while we do it.

  5. birdsandbenjamin Says:

    You have well-justified crankiness, there, Mama. I think he left the garage door open, didn’t he?

    You don’t hurt anyone else because of your crankiness, and we got a laugh.

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